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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Avesta Scholar & Priest

Born in 1949 in a priestly class family, Dr. Bajan has dedicated his life to the Zoroastrian Religion and its tenets.

After procuring a B.Sc.(Hons), M.A. and LL.B. and Ph.D degrees, the scholastic Dr. Bajan became the Head Priest of Seth B. M. Mevawalla Dar-e-Meher, Byculla which has been managed for over a centenary by the Bajan family since 1851.  He is the Principal of Sir J.J. Zarthosty & Mulla Firoze Madressa for Study of Ancient Iranian language and History (managed by the Bombay Parsi Punchayet).  He is the Hon. Lecturer of the Dept. of Avesta Pahlvi and Ancient Iranian Languages at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai University.  He was also a Banker with the Union Bank of India having been in their service for over 20 years.

His academic qualifications are also quite noteworthy.  He obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Avesta Pahlvi from the Mumbai University last year in 2015.  He holds a Masters in Avesta Pahlvi (M.A.) and Ancient Iranian Languages from Mumbai University winning the K.F. Parukh Gold Medal in 1989.  His qualifications are totally versatile as he holds a Masters in Law (LL.M. from the Mumbai University) specializing in International Law and Law of Crimes 1980.  From religion to crime law – how fantastic it is!  In 1972 he graduated in Science (B.Sc.) from The Royal Institute of Science majoring in Physics and Mathematics.

He underwent religious training at the Athornan Mandal, Mumbai.  He is a member of the Governing Body of the K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, Mumbai and a Life Member of Asiatic Society of Bombay.

His religious activities include a series of lectures on religious subjects, Shahnameh recital in India and abroad.  He has contributed Research Papers – A Glimpse of the Ancient Iranian History at the National Seminar on Zoroastrianism under the auspices of Centre for Studies in Civilization, New Delhi in 2002.  He has contributed many Research papers in India and abroad and attended conferences and presented paper at the Nara Prefactual University, Nava, Japan on 2015.

Dr. Bajan has achieved the pinnacle of glory and earned the love and respect of the community over the years and we at Afternoon wish him many glorious years in his journey through life.

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