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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The power of Ashem Vohu and Yatha Ahu Vairyo

These two Avesta Prayers of the Parsis are the backbone of our prayers and each and every Zoroastrian knows it and repeats it many times in the day during the course of prayers.  Even little kids who are still not initiated into the Navjote ceremony know them by heart.  They are short, auspicious, very powerful and very potent.  These Mathravani prayers can be recited under any condition even when one is travelling, or swimming or even in the hospital.

ASHEM VOHU is the shortest Avestan prayer having 12 words distributed over 3 lines.  Ashem Vohu prayer soothes and relaxes the mind and keeps you away from negative thoughts.  It is to be specially recited as you get up from bed, while going to bed, after finishing any important work or at the sad news of death in the family.  Ashem Vohu is also whishpered continuously by family members in the ears of the deceased member before he is taken away to the tower of Silence at Doongerwadi.

ATHA AHU VAIRYO is also referred to as Ahunavar.  It has 21 words and is the oldest Avestan prayer.  It is distributed over 3 equal lines each having about 16 syllables.  Reciting Atha Ahu Vairyo protects us and helps us to fight the forces of evil. It is regarded as the most powerful and effective prayer.  After we left our Motherland Iran, many centuries back, and set sail for other shores not knowing where we will land up due to religious persecution.  The journey became arduous and terrible waves lashed the boats.  With no hope left, the Parsis started reciting Atha Ahu Vairyo.  The storm subsided, the sea turned calm and finally we landed on the shores of Sanjan – that’s history.  Ahura Mazda recited Atha Ahu Vairyo and defeated the evil forces; Sarosh Yazad used it as a weapon to destroy all evils.  The number of Atha Ahu Vairyo recitations vary for different purposes. When one leaves the House, one ATHA AHU VAIRYO is recited.  When one wishes to seek protection from people who harm and harass you, pray the Atha Ahu Vairyo.  Recite 2 Yathas before you begin any new work or when you need to seek HIS blessings. Recite 7 Yathas to invoke the help of the Yazads (angels) and Ameshaspentas (arch angels)

These 2 prayers will only work on good souls the ones that preach HUMATA HUKHTA HUVARASHTHRA (good thoughts, good words and good words) in day to day living.

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