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Monday, March 16, 2015
By Dr. Shernaz Baji Avari

Health, healing and harmony also comes through tender loving care which is a universal need in this world of strife, pain and suffering where two personal worlds touch making each other bloom, otherwise we all just 'exist'. It's love and caring that makes us vibrantly alive. Admittedly, it's a lot of hard work, nevertheless it's a labour of love bringing in joy and happiness, setting our hearts aglow.


  • When I communicate to you my inner feelings without hesitation and you in turn communicIte yours with tender words.
  • When I open up your heart when you yearn for some currents of love and affection making it bloom, blush and radiate with joy all the way.
  • When I understand and accept your message in good times, bad times and changing times. I just don't preach, I perform.
  • When I help you overcome the smallness of people, the frustrations of daily life, the ebbs and pulls of fortune, the disappointments and obstacles and accept them gracefully and with dignity. These are the burning fires in which pure metal is wrought, through which winners are born.
  • When I give elbow room to you to grow and be independent. I do not try to possess you, dominate you or impose only my views on you.
  • When I give meaning to your suffering and discomfort and do my best to alleviate that suffering. You know it by the expression on my face, the tone of my voice and the touch of my hand.
  • I enter your life without losing touch with mine.
  • When you make a mistake, I do not shout from the rooftops, rather I make you learn from it, help you not to repeat the same and move on in life.
  • When you are lonely, sad and withdrawn, I embrace you with a warm hug, . . kisses and tons of smiles to cheer you up.
  • When I listen to your request and look up old friends in need when you do not have the time. The same is true of elders and family members
  • When I leave everything aside and rush to your help  in crisis. Its not just a duty for me because I have to but it's ingrained in my psyche and my nature to do so.
  • Accepting you as you are and trying to enrich your life in the best way I can. You don't have to beg, buy or demand my attention and care, I am always there.
  • I trust you, listen to you and when you are late I miss you and long for you in your absence.
  • When I shower concern, sympathy, understanding, gentleness and humility when you pour your soul out to me. If I have unknowingly hurt you, I do not hesitate to say 'sorry' and wipe out that tear lurking at the corner of your eyes.
  • When I make you stand tall in front of others and praise you in my own subtle way. Never ever humiliate or cut your spouse or children near others.
  • When I pray daily to the Almighty for your good health, happiness and prosperity at all levels. Everytime I pray, I pray with such joy and devotion thanking HIM that you are part of my life and to strengthen my family happiness.
  • When I tell you in word and gesture, "I love you" sincerely and not as a mere cliched phrase. The greatest happiness I can give you is the conviction that you are loved, loved for being yourself and inspite of yourself at times I Love never fails. It always hopes, always protects, always trusts and always perseveres.
  • When you are in the support of my arms and in the recesses of my mind.
  • When I respect your individuality and space. I do not impose my ways on you, nag you or pester you.
  • When you come tired or exhausted from office, school or college, I greet you with a warm smile, a wink, a pat, a touch and inquire about your day at work, before refreshing you with snacks and drinks.
  • When I admire those special gifts that you have showered me with. I know that you have bought the same with so much care and I reciprocate the same wholeheartedly at the first opportunity I get with my endearing acts.
  • When I cook up your favourite meal, snack or sweet dish, or prepare a meal the way you like it.
  • Your special thanks and encouring words light up my day (and meal as well!) No matter how hard the day has gdne by, there should always be pleasant talks on the dining table, no confrontation please. I also inculcate in you the importance of healthy nutrition for optimum health. Afterall, health & happiness are two sides of the same coin; not necessarily health & wealth!
  • The greatest riches I can give you is not only sharing mine but revealing to you your own.
  • When I am not easily angered and keep no record of wrongs,for I have cultivated a bad memory for bad events in life.
  • And ofcourse a good memory for all the wonderful occassions and events that have helped us to enrich our lives together. Healthy relationships play a great factor in our well being.
  • When we accept variety in thought and treat it as a spice of life, we obtain unity in our relationship inspite of differences.
  • True spirituality liberates while it celebrates differences. ' When we laugh together, eat together, pray together, entertain together, vacation togehter, celebrate festivals of Parsis together, watch family albums are DVD's together of all our auspicious occassions, we bond together in love and happiness. We Parsis love to celebrate every Indian festival and are loved and respected by other communities as well.
  • When at the sunset of my life when my family has multiplied with children, grandchildren and in—laws so wonderfully well, then I can truly say.
  • Well. I did not live in vain.
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