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Thought Power

Monday, March 16, 2015
By Ms. Bakhtawar R. Appoo


Friends, life is shaped by the thoughts that we customarily entertain in our minds.  Our thoughts are transmuted into words and deeds.  “Change in our thoughts can change destinies”.

We fail to give prominence to our thoughts and disregard them.  Thoughts are responsible for pleasure/happiness or pain/sorrow in our lives.  Thought pollution has engulfed the world on a very large scale, causing very serious and disastrous impact on the human race.

The Law of the subconscious mind works for good and bad thoughts alike.  Its negativity creates failures, frustrations and unhappiness.  With pleasant and positive thoughts you will experience success, prosperity and sound health.

Thought pollution is also generated due to fallacies, ignorance, egoism, greed for money & power etc.  This in return gives birth to jealousy, spite, detestation, resentment etc.  It also brings about conflict, quarrels, unrests, battles etc., in the world.  Have we as humans gone callous, and obliterated the word Mercy?

Let’s strengthen our thought power / will power.   Try and lead a righteous and fearless life.  Many will loathe and embarrass you, but eschew them.

Prayers & unflinching faith in our omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Mazdayesni Din, can assist us in fighting our daily battles against the forces of Ahriman and emerge victorious.  Praise and thank God, for each breath that we take, and for his nature’s bounties bestowed upon us.  His friendship is ANMOL (precious).  

Take an oath to adhere to the Commandments of Good Thoughts, Good Words & Good Deeds, and put them into practise. May this auspicious Festival of Spring shower its blessings of love, peace & oneness throughout the Universe.


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