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Why Be Angry?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
By Dr. Darius Umrigar

Dr. Darius Umrigar

What can anger do to us:?

Anger Hurts Other People:  Anger is so cruel it never sees who is in front of us.  It can hurt other people and even can create problems for ourselves because of that hurt.  There are many instances of suicide cases where a child commits suicide for getting scolding from his/her parents.

Anger Hurts Relationships:  Breaking or straining of relationships due to anger is the most common incidence we see in our family and society.  When somebody gets angry with other, the victimized person always tries to stop talking or break the relationship. Sometimes there are incidences of family quarrels, divisions, divorces etc. and the culprit is Anger.

Anger Hurts Ourselves:  When we get angry with somebody we really cannot not concentrate on our own work.  We feel disturbed, hurt and lose our mental peace.  We forget our daily routine because of anger. If we are angry for some events in the office we unnecessarily shout at our family members. Anger also increases our blood pressure and we literally lose control over our own self  because our mind is occupied with negative thoughts. So why be angry?  Please do remember that ‘Anger’ is one letter short of ‘danger’ so be aware before you shout and change your facial expression.  Have you ever seen your reflection in the mirror when you are angry?  Do you like what you see and perceive?  Certainly not.  You look atrocious and who wants to look that way? Bottled up anger is even more dangerous as over the years it can make your whole immune system go haywire and you can become a target of a chronic diseases like high blood pressure, which again puts a strain on your poor heart muscle.  If you at all happen to be in that state, come out quickly and revert back to your original tranquil state.  For that is the state we are meant to be, by your anger you have inadvertently hurt others, then its necessary to say ‘sorry’ and clear the emotional debt between both of you!

Embrace peace, love empathy, forgiveness, compassion and helpful behavior, practice more of caring and sharing and that need not be monetary.  Show kindness, give respect where its due and give genuine praise for all people who care for you and work for you.  Life then turns into something more productive, more useful and more meaningful.  


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