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ZAAN 2017

Thursday, March 15, 2018
By Nadir Godrej

When our homeland was invaded.
Our existence could have faded.
But some brave souls then chose to flee.
A few of them then crossed the sea
And landed on the Indian coast.
We Parsis often like to boast
Of our Indian arrival myth.
Historians might quibble with
The accuracy of this story
But we still bask in its glory.
We can argue with the letter.
In spirit the tale couldn’t be better.
And indeed people of our ilk
Have blended like sugar in the milk.
Sweetening not overflowing.
Our numbers are no longer growing.
Though Jiyo Parsi does its bit
We can’t yet claim it is a hit.
“In numbers they are beyond contempt”,
And nobody could ever attempt
To express this view any better
And I’ll quote Gandhi to the letter,
“In contribution, beyond compare.”
We all agree that this is fair.
And the obvious solution
Is to recognise our contribution.
And this is what will be seen
At ZAAN 2017.
Alas! Last time I was away
But delighted to be here today.
This event was scheduled early this year.
But had to be postponed, I fear.
The De-Mon demon caused turmoil.
We all agree we need to foil
The Black Money menace very fast.
But I’m afraid that it might last.
We went through a lot of pain.
Let’s hope that in time we gain.
It’s already been a year.
We see the early signs of cheer.
And Yasmin felt this was the time
And I’d like to thank her in my rhyme.
I fervently hope ZTFI
Will always sincerely try
To help those that are in need.
And with our help they will succeed.
I congratulate all on their award.
Indeed I’m honoured and I’m awed.
And even if our numbers fall
Let’s always strive to stand tall.

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