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Decoding depression with Pooja Bhatt

Friday, October 13, 2017
By Chaitanya Padukone

Eminent actress-director Pooja Bhatt seemed charged with empathy when she watched the slick trailer of the trending film ‘The Valley’ and praised its US-based writer-director Saila Kariat for daring to dabble in the (taboo) themes of mental illness, depression and suicide.

The internationally acclaimed film, starring Alyy Khan and Suchitra Pillai, has now been singled out for being screened at the ongoing local  ‘MAMI’ film festival.  Reacted seasoned actress Suchitra, “Being a doting mother of a 10-year old daughter in real life, I could identify with my on-screen mother’s intense character. The constant social pressure on kids, the communication-gap that leads to  isolation and the tendency to glide into depression  is what I am aware of.  Honestly, I was also hoping that something as shocking as depicted in the movie, would never ever happen in my personal life.”
Candidly articulate Pooja Bhatt while appreciating Saila Kariat, recalled the pressure she herself went through when she ventured into ‘film direction’ with her maverick film ‘Paap’. Stormed the blunt Bhatt, “Realistically, there are more people in Planet Bollywood who want to see you fail, rather than succeed, is what my dad Mahesh Bhatt alerted me. The façade of glamour and euphoria is just an illusion because you are often faced with humiliation and frustration.”

Pooja's current musical home co-production Hindi movie  ‘Cabaret’, starring Richa Chadha, has been stalled for the past one year,  “Mainly because my co-producers have backed out from their commitments.”

On a parting note Pooja shrugs, “Why have we stopped sharing tragedies and listening to silences. One should honestly say ‘I am not okay’, and ask for help. Actually, we are what we ‘hide’ from the world.”

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