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Handbook on Intellectual Property rights

Monday, May 07, 2012

‘Protect Your Ideas’, a handbook on Intellectual Property rights was  released last week  on the occasion of "World Intellectual Property Day" The book authored by Rajeev Surana, a qualified Patent Agent and founder of Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd., a consulting & professional services firm focused on ‘idea protection’ based in Mumbai. It covers the basics of all forms of Intellectual Property i.e. Patent, Design, Trademark, Copyright, Geographical Indication etc. in all of 176 pages with scenarios, live case studies, examples and FAQs. 

Naturally then, it serves as a useful reference document for individual entrepreneurs and small organizations who often do not know when and how to begin the task of protecting their ideas. Simple, easy to read and  yet effective, the book  serves the needs of innovators and entrepreneurs who have no prior understanding of the subject and has already garnered much praise.

Says Sunish Issac an Innovator & Entrepreneur, “Nice to find a book which is very relevant to independent innovators. The presentation style would benefit the casual reader to somebody who's looking for relevant information for protecting their ideas. Having crosswords and question answers would definitely make it a guide for training related to IP.”

Similar praise comes from Dr V. Premnath Head, IP Group, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory & Director, Venture Center. According to him “The book will be a useful primer and increase awareness of IP. The brevity of the chapters, real life examples and ideas such as having a crossword etc will make it interesting for young people/students to read this book. I shall be happy to buy the book for our library.”

“The effort of publishing a book on intellectual property in simple and direct language is highly appreciable. The presentation style adopted by the author by incorporating cartoons, puzzles, FAQs, crosswords keeps the readers intact with the subject and increases the interest of learning. The Indian case studies showcase the strengths and achievements of Indian innovations. This book is a great resource for the students or any individual who wants to know about IPR and its importance” says K Suresh Kumar a General Manager at Asia Pacific Incubation Network.

Bottom line is: it clearly brings forth the intricacies and details of IP protection as an easy and cost effective process.

Protect Your Ideas
by Rajeev Surana
Scinnovation Consultants

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