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Mediamesh - A Step Towards Building Spaces Of Convergence

Monday, March 05, 2018
By Vipul Shah

Vipul Shah, Managing Director, Parinee Group

Ever since the advent of digitalization, the application of technology is massive in Indian Real Estate specially when it comes to creating ‘Smart Offices’. With more and more international brands foraying in the country, the demand for commercial space is escalating like no other. Today we belong to a phase where we are greeted by high rise commercial and residential structures that redefine the cities vast skyline. These soaring structures, make for a delightful and seamless sight throughout the day, as opposed to the night time. This nothing but thus stresses on the need to light up the cities night skyline by having on board out-of-the-box LED lighting features.

In such a situation, the circumstance calls for new-age conventions to highlight the best of their brands or organization with an aim to stand out. As per the current economics of our country, the market condition is ‘Perfect competition’. Under this contemporary setting, it is highly integral to go for a methodology which will enable to create lasting impressions in the consumer market. A good exterior or façade lighting will facilitate in highlighting the neglected aspects of the building making it stand out. And if you are under the impression that exterior lights are only confined to star rated hotels and monuments, you must make note, these lighting options can do wonders in highlighting any segment they are fitted to.

In the zone of modern-day commercial real estate, it has today become essential for builders to scout for new methods and ideas to propagate their projects in the best possible way. Hence it’s time for some new injections and what better than exploring the impressive frontiers of Mediamesh that will nothing but turn out to be one of the most cognitive and inventive medium of propaganda in the zone of commercial spaces. What’s more, is that these media facades will make buildings communicate in the most effective manner, transforming them into high-class marvels. With more and more developers now gaining awareness and giving prominence to the significance of having a night view to add on to the look of the structure, Mediamesh is definitely touted to go a long way. These flawless architectural mesh lends the external shell of the building an elegant appearance and makes for a versatile design highlight even it is not being utilized as a LED façade. This trend though novel will be fast catching up pace in demonstrating a splendid look for the entire commercial set-up.

The mechanism of Mediamesh is based on a technology that operates on a stainless-steel wire mesh with integrated LED profiles. Mediamesh allows a glimpse of the building behind it while at the same time facilitating as a media platform for all kinds of events, promotions, movie releases etc. In terms of distance, and size of the installation, the pixel provides a mesmerising display of graphics, video sequences and even live transmissions. As compared to mainstream LED boards or temporary single pixel systems, Mediamesh is the only thing to provide optimal image quality in the world, even in daylight for the big facades. The LED profiles are basically connected with a brilliant, invisible cable system camouflaged in the edges of the mesh. Once, the panels are installed, power and data are fed to the LEDs through the control units at individual floors of the building. This system can operate on file formats like AVI, Quicktime or JPEG, which is to be received via internet and the display on the façade of Mediamesh.

We are acquainted of the model of convergence especially in terms of technology used in gadgets – For example Cellphones or best known as Smartphones. Mediamesh is undoubtedly going the next gen trend which will add an aesthetic value to Mumbai’s pulsating skyline. Such welcome innovations will possibly pave the way for many more such new advances in the industry. The time has come when Indian Real Estate should also instill this concept to build futuristic spaces, to keep pace with the dynamism and the Modus Operandi in the near future.

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