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Delivering an experience

Friday, December 08, 2017

This young mind is a force to reckon with. Hitesh Keswani, Director, Silver Beach Entertainment and Hospitality Pvt Ltd ventured into the hospitality scene not more than 8 years ago. With no background or godfathers to hand-hold him, his creative and determined mind led him to successfully set up several restaurants which are actively running in the country. His dream to conquer the culinary world does not stop in India as he recently set up shop in Dubai and Australia.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Hitesh says, “Times of creative expression are upon us and while there are challenges aplenty as is the case almost always, we are getting better prepared to face them and move forth with gusto, presenting cool, uber chic bars and restaurants to anyone and everyone.”

Tell us a few words about Silver Beach Ent?
Silver Beach Entertainment is a butterfly in the true sense of the term. What started as a little cafe nestled in a leafy lane has metamorphosed into Silver Beach Hospitality and Ent Pvt Ltd. I come from a world where either you learnt the hard way or didn't learn at all. I didn't have a choice and decided to go the whole hog when I dived into the giant world of hospitality in Mumbai. My experience has been completely hands on and I know exactly what each one does: from the staffer at the sink to the head Chef! They are all immensely talented, trained and dedicated but yes, I do keep a vigil on the discipline and standardisation. That is what Silver Beach Ent is all about: an undying passion to deliver, remain relevant, evolve effortlessly and keep in sync with the song of the system.

What are the latest trends in the restaurant industry?
Less is more and dynamic innovation are the latest trends in the restaurant industry. You think of something and then someone else thinks of something times two and all of this is happening at the pace of light hence it is that much more important to remain hands on and go all guns blazing at all times. Concepts and creativity have no bounds. The customer is interested in you only and if you are delivering an experience. They don't want to come to a place that doesn't evoke emotions or challenge them.

Any expansion plans?
Oh yes! Several. We have expanded to Dubai and Goa already and soon we will launch in Bangalore. Our multitude of experience has opened a new avenue for us where we also consult for turn key hospitality projects. This way, while we have our own outlets up and running, we lend our knowledge to so many others where our team goes and sets up everything from the concept to the operations and we also monitor those from time to time as well.

Your vision for the company?
Silver Beach Entertainment is young and energetic and my vision for it is that it should always be able to stand on its toes and cater to an audience that gels in with its personality. We are well within reach, constantly in research and development mode and forever hungry to learn: that's how most of our patrons are as well. We endeavour to be sought after and make a difference where we tread be it in developing ideas for bars or setting up restaurants. Yes, we will, always, give back to society as there are several who are less privileged. For the same, we host events through the year where young kids sing, dance and rejoice at our restaurants. Nothing brings us more joy that bringing a smile on the faces of those who live through dark times.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
Five years down the road, and, knock on wood, we are already on our way there, we do want to spread our wings and go global. The world web is getting tighter by the day and there is so much opportunity around. We can't think local only hence we are single mindedly focussed on bringing the outside in and taking the inside on. Times of creative expression are upon us and while there are challenges aplenty as is the case almost always, we are getting better prepared to face them and move forth with gusto, presenting cool, uber chic bars and restaurants to anyone and everyone.

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