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Making Weddings Magical!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Vikram Mehta, Founder, Mpire Events

Vikram Mehta is the founder and CEO of Mpire events. Vikram, who pursued his Masters in Commerce and Economics from the Mumbai University, came upon events accidentally. What attracted him to event planning was the concept of pulling a crowd together and building an event from scratch. Vikram was one of the first event planners to bring electronic, trance and rap disc-jockeys to India and the thought of creating an energy where everybody has a good time together is what stuck with him.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Vikram says his vision for Mpire is to provide unparalleled solutions to every aspect of a wedding.

What is the idea behind Mpire?
Mpire was built on the concept of providing specialised, customised event planning. What worries a client most at a wedding is not so much the bigger things or ideas, but the smallest points that tend to be missed out. Mpire is built to stem the gap and put the dots together.

How are you different from others?
It wouldn't be fair for me to say that I am different from others. But what I wrote above is the thought process behind the company, which could be a different ideology to  that of others. To add to it, I am a strong believer in macro-management. I have a more casual approach with families, brides and the grooms. I put them at ease and I talk to them more like friends. That is also the reason why many of them speak to me about subjects that are not related to the wedding planning, or catch up with me for a drink or dinner months after the wedding. I find this approach unique and contemporary, but also something that comes naturally to me.

Tell us about the industry size and the latest trends?
The industry is huge. If you attend huge conferences or get-together, it is then that you realise the number of people who are involved in wedding planning. Also bear in mind that the fraternity is made of not just planners but photographers, make up artists and other vendors. It's endless and a big market, especially in Mumbai and Delhi.

In terms of trends, I think it's fast moving and the younger generation, particularly brides have more control than they did in the past. It's the couple or their siblings that take most of the calls while the parents sit back and enjoy. This is a win-win for everyone. There are fresher ideas brought to the table from the couple too, since everyone nowadays is so active on social media and well traveled.

Your vision for the company?
My vision for Mpire is surely to provide unparalleled solutions to every aspect of a wedding. I think nothing is more satisfying than bringing a smile on the face of the bride & groom and their families.

I also aim to develop major tie ups with world brands. I think since we are a destination wedding company, associations with big hotels across the globe is truly a great way to look back and check your growth graph. We have associated with about 10-12 new properties and brands across different cities and countries in the last one year. And the family is growing bigger!

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
I prefer not to compare myself with others or see where they stand in terms of growth. But if I have to set a yardstick, I would like to see Mpire in the top 5 wedding planners to choose from in India, in the next 3 years as well as in the top 5 to choose from in the world around 7 years from now. I would like to believe we are close to the top 5 in the city at the moment but the above two are still a long way away. It is surely a goal we will achieve soon!

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