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Save Energy With Intelligent Buildings

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gaurav Burman, VP & Country President, India, 75F

Gaurav Burman is the VP & Country President of 75F India. His previous position was with Schneider Electric, as their Director – Marketing where he was also a part of the Management Team of Schneider Electric, South Asia. He was recently recognised as one of the 50 Most Talented CMOs in India in 2013, and one of the 100 Most Talented CMOs in the World by the US-based CMO Council.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Gaurav says, “Reducing carbon footprint and saving energy is an important aspect of the technology. We want to be the change that makes buildings all over the world more comfortable, more sustainable & more dynamic!”

What is the USP of 75F?
We thrive on creating intuitive technology, making an impact and challenging the status quo. Which is why we took the challenge head on to disrupt an industry that was traditionally slow to innovate. 75F is the only brand today, that uses predictable thermal modelling algorithms that  can effectively address the energy, air quality and comfort issues of more 99,000 commercial buildings in India and 15,000,000 worldwide.

Reducing carbon footprint and saving energy is an important aspect of the technology. 75F embodies its name from the United Nations campaign to raise temperatures in buildings to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce carbon emissions. From our partnership with the UNEP Sustainable Buildings & Climate Initiative, Alliance for and Energy Efficient Economu (AEEE) and Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), to our efforts in looking at every way we can to make buildings more comfortable and efficient, we are committed to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.  

Your vision for the company?
We want to empower people to work better and fulfill their desire for comfort. We are proud that our solution, which can contribute up to 38 LEEDv4 credits, is helping to construct a more sustainable world. Globally, buildings are responsible for up to 30% of all energy related greenhouse gas emissions. We believe in the promise of Internet of Things to improve our lives and deliver energy savings without sacrificing comfort. We aim to make a difference while refocusing the industry on why buildings are built in the first place: to provide an environment in which occupants can thrive.

We want to be the change that makes buildings all over the world more comfortable, more sustainable & more dynamic !

What is the market size of IOT in India?
Commercial IOT is a vast field with solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, R&D, pharma, IT, intelligent buildings etc. The future addressable marketsize would run into the trillions. Of these, our play is in the last one only. We would not foray to comment on areas outside our expertise.

However, in the intelligent buildings in the commercial arena, our market studies indicate the PAM for us in the US is approx. $5B and in India it is approx. $1B.

Some of the challenges that you face?
-Slow decision-making
-Energy efficiency & Automation not a big enough priority for many customers
-Inertia in changing to newer technologies & newer standards in comfort & sustainability.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We believe in the promise of IoT to improve our lives by designing systems that work so well, you forget they are there. We started with one of the most serious problems in commercial buildings – HVAC – because it represents the largest single cost of operating a building. Beyond HVAC, there is a need to harness the power of connected devices to better control and optimize all systems inside a building like lighting, security, water usage and more.

We are optimistic about business growth given that new building deployments represent an enormous opportunity with the Indian economy appearing to be robust for the medium-term growth. And much larger than that is the base of existing buildings, given that our solution is uniquely retrofit-friendly. In the years to come, we are also targeting to grow our base across the Asia, Pacific and Middle east regions.

In 5 years people will be managing their devices, transportation, medication & even their environments in a highly customized, sustainable manner with gestures or by their mere presence, as per stored preferences & getting customized data analytics, anytime, anywhere!

We see ourselves at the forefront of delivering this capability.

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