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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Anoushka Adya, Founder and Partner, Di-mentions Studio

Anoushka Adya is the Founder and Partner of Di-mentions Studio, a unique digital agency that believes in making brilliant work happen for their clients, by living up to their tagline which is ‘Think Differently’.

Being a graduate from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai she took up Masters in Marketing and Strategy from Warwick Business School, UK. Anoushka’s aim is to bring in a difference to Indian digital marketing field.

In 2014 the entrepreneurial instinct bit her and the desire to create something big and impactful brought her back to India. She quit her stable job and promising career in London to come back to India and start her own digital marketing firm. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Anoushka says she want Di-Mentions to be a leader as well as a change-maker in the digital world.

What is the idea behind Di-mentions Studio?
The name Di-Mentions stems from two thought processes – (a) that as an agency we add different dimensions to our brands and (b) we increase the “Digital” mentions of the brand, thereby increasing its popularity on the digital platform.

Di-mentions Studio is a unique digital agency and we believe in being selective about our clientele and making brilliant work happen for those clients. We also strive extremely hard to live up to our tagline which is ‘Think Differently’.

Our philosophy is based on three key Pillars – Strategy, Design and Media. Di-mentions puts in a special focus on “Design” because we truly believe that “Content is King”.

It is a 360 degree digital ad agency offering a variety of services including Social media Marketing, Website Designing, Online Advertising, SEO and Analytics, Application Development and Mobile Marketing. In a world obsessed with likes and shares, not only do they deliver on numbers but they are also mastering the 472 x 394 pixels and bringing the magic of design back.

How are you different from others?
Firstly, we are extremely selective about our clients and believe in quality over quantity. We believe the best form of marketing is a satisfied client, and we always go out of our way to make that happen.

We also strive very hard to live up to our tagline ‘Think Differently’ in our work. The team is always trying to come up with strategies and concepts that will stand out in the clutter. This is mainly because we really wish to be a catalyst in the industry and lead the digital change in the digital advertising space. And we know that will only happen when our work speaks for itself.

We also create strong partnerships with our clients’ and work as brand custodians rather than only as an agency. We regularly try to educate our clients’ by keeping them updated with the latest ongoing digital trends and new developments in the digital space.

Another aspect that makes us stand apart from other companies is our focus on Strategy, Design and Analytics. A lot of start-ups in India are far behind when it comes to combining analytics and design to get the best campaign ROI (Return on Investment).

Any expansion plans?
We are expanding both geographically as well as department wise. For the last three years, we have doubled our turnover each year and are set to cross the same this year as well. In fact, in the last three months itself, we have closed several new clients.

We aim to be amongst the top 4 digital agencies in Mumbai by next year and are working with those targets in mind. Our aim for the coming two years is to be amongst the top 5 agencies in the country and we believe that if we continue to close the kind of clients we currently are and grow at the same rate we will surely be able to do so.

Your vision for the company?
My long term vision for the company is that I want the agency to spread pan-India.

I also want to transform client operations, bottom-lines and profitability as well as customer experience by using machine learning Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. We are already doing research in this field and are working on various models.

In a nut-shell, I want Di-Mentions to be a leader as well as a change-maker in the digital world and really leave its mark.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We have a very clear vision for Di-mentions. Our entire team is working with unified synergies in order to achieve the same. For Di-mentions we aim to lead the industry into the digital space and be innovators in the same. Indian agencies are still lacking in several areas compared to their global counterparts, and with Di-mentions we aim to bridge this gap and bring strategy and digital innovation in the Indian industry.

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