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Wizkid creates magic at 80-year old broking firm

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
By A Business Reporter

Stock market volatility can strike fear in the hearts and minds of various first time as well as regular traders and investors. But Chintan Bhagat, the fourth generation of Mangal Keshav Securities has managed to create magic with his new-age quant-based trading methodology that works seamlessly across all markets and helps beat volatility in a more scientific manner.

Planning to invest in the stock market? Unlike old times, stock markets today are highly volatile and unpredictable. It usually scares away the weak-hearted and the first time investors.  The trends in the stock market have changed over a period of time and will continue to evolve in the future too. However, the basic fundamentals at the core remain the same. Various broking firms have quickly adapted to the changing trends to stay alive and relevant in the market. Many have perished as they couldn’t cope with the increasing expectations of investors and traders.

The ever-changing investment landscape, has changed how brokers deal with investors and traders. The power of the internet has transformed the stock market immensely by allowing budding entrepreneurs to come up with better and easier ways to invest and innovate in their business. While there is a clash of old school trading and new age investment methods, some have managed to invent new ways based on an amalgamation of core trading principles and new-age technology.

29-year old Chintan Bhagat is a classic example. He has been at the forefront of this change by creating magic with his new quant-based trading methodology that empowers traders and investors to make more money in a smart way. Chintan has developed a quant-based trading technology which works on all asset classes such as equities, commodities, currencies and bonds. The algorithm is based on statistics, calculus and probability. The technology picks up price, volume and market activity/participation on real-time basis and predicts future price movement. This is a real-time algorithm so it helps instant decision making as the system monitors changes every second. Chintan’s algorithm is however, for proprietary use; only for Mangal Keshav securities and for his hedge fund Skyfire capital.

Currently, Chintan spearheads Mangal Keshav Securities started by his great grandfather and passed on to generations. Coming from a traditional business family in the financial markets, Chintan has been clearly carrying the legacy forward. His passion for technology has helped him combine financial markets with technology to make stock market trading easier, interesting and more importantly, safe. Chintan’s quant-based trading methodology has generated great interest, especially from high net worth individuals (HNIs) who have enjoyed stellar returns on their investment after having Chintan manage their investments. The algorithm has enabled Chintan to add to his list of HNI clients and the fact that it works well across asset classes has enabled HNIs to diversify their investments across asset classes.

A striking feature of this quant-based trading methodology is that it factors multiple permutations and combinations which then throw up simple numbers and colour coded combinations on the screen for users to make quick decisions on entry and exits in the markets. “One of the biggest changes with the introduction of new-age technologies is alleviation of fear. Gone are the days when stocks were bought and sold purelyon gut feeling and impulse. Today, with the help of new algorithms and quant-based technology, traders can react rationally and make better decisions in the long run.” says Chintan.

The algorithm is smart enough to adapt to different asset classes in real-time, and this is its USP. It works efficiently and seamlessly to incorporate different asset classes and markets. Wondering how this is possible? The answer lies in the basics of market behaviour. As per Chintan, while there are several global markets, they all behave similarly at a basic level. The quant-based trading methodology takes into account these core trading principlesand uses it to trade seamlessly across global markets and multiple asset classes.

Unlike other algorithms and software, Chintan’s quant-based trading methodology takes into account market activity and participation which allows it to work efficiently and become self-adapting.

With the introduction of quant-based trading methodology, Chintan has managed to create magic by embracing new technology and tweaking it as per the needs of investors today. As the fourth generation of Mangal Keshav Securities, he has managed to pave the way where traditional concepts perfectly align with new methods of trading to create an effective wealth management mechanism in a rapidly modernising market.

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