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Thursday, January 05, 2017

By Dr. Shantanu Jaradi, Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental Care Centers
Does smell really matter at the work place? Suave, dynamic personalities comprising smart, creative, hard-working attributes are a need in this cut-throat competition persisting in the global era. No individual wants to leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of their goals, ambition etc. There are some instances that an individual turn blind towards or give a cold shoulder to, considering it to be of petty importance. One of such issue is the foul odour of our breath.

Communication is the depiction of our endeavors, thus interacting is one of the key aspects. In spite of exhibiting a strong personality, a single flaw of unhygienic orthodontics may turn out to be a thorn in a garden of qualities. The smell of bad breath might offend the people around us. For some reasons, we often miss on addressing this issue properly – but in reality, it does matter!

Unpleasant smell is irking in all respects. In general, it is one of the biggest complaints with public transport always. Be it body odour or morning-breath. One of the strongest taboos at workplaces is bad smell. It becomes really difficult to concentrate in situations where someone around us emits a strong body odour.

Bad breath, can also be a major issue, especially when you're about to whisper a joke or cuddle with your beloved one! On the other hand – being accused of being a source of a bad mouth odour is highly offensive as well as quite embarrassing. If we know that we are the source of a smell and someone else happens to comment and we might react quite strongly denying it immediately.

But why deny? Instead, why not look for the actual reason behind it and concentrate on fixing the issue? Probably we don’t know the root of the cause and we end up our day with that stinky breath and uneasy thinking about how to overcome or get rid of it. We probably have already experimented a lot, but haven’t taken the correct measures.

Bad breath is mainly caused by odour-producing bacteria that grow in the mouth. When one don't brush and floss regularly, bacteria accumulate on the bits of food left in the mouth and between teeth. The sulphur compounds released by these bacteria make your breath smell bad. Certain food intakes, especially ones like garlic and onions that contain pungent oils, can contribute to bad breath because the oils are carried to your lungs and out through your mouth. Smoking is also one of the major reasons behind the bad breath issues you face.

If one doesn’t know the exact cause behind the odour coming from the mouth, all the brushing, scraping of the tongue and flossing that you can do will not possibly be enough to overcome it. Reconsidering your diet and then modifying it would be a good idea to get rid of those bad breath troubles. However, diet cannot be solely blamed for bad breath. Even in cases when an appropriate diet is being followed, one can still have bad breath if dental hygiene is not maintained properly. Bad breath is actually about how your body breaks down what you eat. When the fat in the body burns, certain chemicals are build up in the body which generates bad breath.

According to recent research, bad breath is the 'No.1 workplace offender.' We have all experienced and suffered from an occasional case of bad breath. It is estimated that 50 to 65 per cent of the working population suffer from bad breath. Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation pertaining to bad breath socially and at the work place? Tired of the unpleasant feeling due to these odours? If your answer to the above is in the affirmative, you may have a reason to worry. Don't let your bad breath be a barrier at your workplace and in your social life. There is no quick fix that cures your bad breath in a few hours or days. In order to get rid of bad breath, you need to recognise the exact source of your bad breath troubles, develop a plan and work at it. Be persistent, and you will eventually succeed.


  • Were you aware that your current mouthwash probably contains more alcohol than a six-pack of beer?
  • Your toothpaste may comprise a kind of soap that drastically dries out your mouth!
  • Did you know bad breath does not come from the stomach?

One should follow these tips for a gradual improvement in bad breath conditions and get rid of them with regular care:

Drink plenty of water:
Drinking several glasses of water a day helps you maintain proper hydration. A squeeze of raw lemon juice will help the taste and is beneficial for the body as well. One should always carry a bottle of water wherever you go.

Maintain good oral hygiene on regular basis:
Take care of your teeth the way you take care of your skin or any of the other body parts. If you don't brush and floss two times a day, then it’s a must. In addition, one needs to clean your tongue using a brush or tongue scraper.

Treat existing oral diseases which you are facing currently:
Your bad breath may be caused by oral diseases such as gum disease or a candida infection which is already existing. If this is the case, you need to consult your dentist at the earliest.

Use natural antibiotics as a cure:
Nature provides us its own antibiotics through herbs and one can use these to improve oral health conditions. Aloe vera and fresh parsley are effective in preventing bad breath. Chew fresh parsley whenever you can; it not only detoxifies your mouth, it also sweetens your breath. Furthermore, the chewing act increases the flow of saliva which in a way helps to avoid  a dry mouth.

Eat crisp fruits and vegetables:
By eating crisp fruits and vegetables such as apple, cucumber, carrot and celery, your mouth gets cleansed naturally. Food particles and plaque between your teeth and gums gets eliminated during this process. Try and include these in your regular diet. Be careful with citrus fruits and drinks which are not really good for teeth.

Avoid coffee and instead switch to tea:
Coffee intake creates a thin coat on your tongue. Research shows that switching over to tea helps prevent bad breath to a certain extent.

Improve the condition by increasing salivation naturally:
By chewing sugarless gum we generate more saliva. It has antibacterial properties, so the more you create it, the more it helps in suppressing the bacterial growth. One should always carry cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds, fresh parsley and mastic gum along.

Find the exact cause to cure it:
For a long-term benefit, you've got to find the exact cause of bad breath, and then find a cure. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the correct measure. So stop blindly searching for a bad breath remedy. Bad breath can result from various conditions such as poor dental health habits,but it can also be a sign of other health problems that one faces. Bad breath conditions can also become worse by the type of foods one eats and various unhealthy habits which we incorporate in our lifestyle.

Eat the right foods:
On top of the breath-freshening food list would be fruits. Amongst all, an apple is the simplest bad breath cure when brushing is not possible. Also one should avoid intakes of garlic, onions, meats, fish, and cheeses. Protein-rich foods are one of the biggest culprits best avoided on  the occasion of social appearances.

Make your own mouthwash:
Step 1:     Purchase diluted aloe vera juice from any herbal store or local pharmacy.
Step 2:    Add two teaspoons of it to a tumbler of water.
Step 3:    Then gurgle your mouth with this solution.
Step 4:    Follow the entire procedure on regular basis.

Mouthwashes can be used as a tool to mask foul breath, but introducing some carbohydrates in your diet will definitely help to improve bad breath conditions.
Follow these suggestions... and a pleasant, clean breath will remain an asset for you.

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