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Bandra gears up for 'Zero Garbage' Project

Saturday, October 15, 2016
By Aishwarya Nair

As the civic body is struggling to get bidders for the Deonar dumping ground, the H/West ward, commonly known as the 'queen' of suburbs, i.e. Bandra, has initiated several innovative projects in order to restrict the waste from ending up at the dumping ground. Post the Deonar fire, resident groups, along with  Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), are working towards treating the waste at source. “Zero Garbage is a distinct dream, but our plans are almost ready. Maybe in few years we will achieve it,” said Sharad Ughade, Assistant Municipal Commissioner (AMC) of the H/West ward.

Started with Self:
The BMC has started the project by installing a biogas plant in the H/West office itself. “It has been four months now, the kitchen waste gets treated with the help of the plant and reused. Thus, BMC itself produces 'zero garbge',” said Ughade.

Waste treatment compulsory for bulk generators:
Bandra is the only suburb where large number of hotel chains function, thus the project also tried to rope in some huge restaurants like Olive Bar & Kitchen, Taj Lands End, etc. “We will try to make it compulsory for such bulk generators of waste to install waste processing machines,” said Ughade.
Gymkhanas and gardens will also be included in this plan. The Khar Gymkhana has already installed a waste treatment machine. Afternoon D&C has reported in its September 18, 2016 issue about the 400kg biogas plant installed at the K.B Bhabha hospital in Bandra. Bhabha is the city's first hospital to do so. Leelavati and Holy Famlily hospitals have agreed to set up a biogas plant to treat the waste as well.

Separate vans for dry and wet waste:
Although the civic body made available two dustbins with an aim to segregate dry and wet waste, criticism arose as only one truck was available to collect waste from both the bins, resulting in a mixture of both dry and wet waste, negating the process in the first place. This problem is solved with H/West's pilot project, i.e. multi-collection van. The van is specially designed to collect any type of waste at the same time. “Some vehicles are ready, the vans will start functioning from Diwali. This will be only for our ward,  around 10% of waste will be segregated,” said Ughade.

Anti- Plastic drive:
The drive aims to rope in stall and shop owners of busy shopping streets like Linking Road and Hill Road in Bandra to reduce the use of plastic bags. The ward has already banned usage of plastic bags below 50 micron. Among the stalls in the ward, 100 stalls have come together and formed a uniform dustbin and also appointed sweepers to maintain cleanliness. “If you visit the Linking Road, it has become much cleaner now. We will provide cotton bags to the stall owners as an alternative for plastic bags,” said Ughade.

Behavioural change among citizens:
This part of the project is still in its planning stage where strategies will be adopted to bring a behavioural change in people. The aim is to change their attitude and motivate the people to stop littering in their surroundings. “This is still in a raw stage, it will be implemented slowly. I am planning to start it with school students in a week or two,”said Ughade.

Ragpickers for unattended waste:
As the motive is 'Zero Garbage', the plan aims to cover every aspect in treating waste. As a part of the project, the BMC is also trying to include ragpickers' associations. The ragpickers will be appointed to collect the unattended waste where the garbage truck fails to reach.

The ward alone produces 325 metric tonnes of waste everyday. The 'Zero Garbage' project aims at sending lesser waste to the dumping ground. With less garbage, less vehicles will be utilized, thus saving a lot of petrol.

Following will be a part of this project :

  • Educational Institutes
  • Shopping Malls
  • Churches
  • Residential Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Gardens
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