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Birthday celebrations for Sri Paak Jimmy (Yogiraj)

Friday, February 09, 2018

The birthday celebration of Sri Paak Jimmy (Yogiraj) was a memorable day, giving us the opportunity to celebrate at the Sri Gururani Nagkanya (Yogini) & Sri Jimmy Nagputhra (Yogiraj) Trust Darshana Baithak Hall, 3/148, T.J. Road, Zakaria Bunder, Cotton Green Railway Station, Mumbai 400033.

The munificence and grace showered by both divine lights – Sri Paak Gururani Nargis (Yogini) and Sri Paak Jimmy (Yogiraj) on thousands of disciples and devotees gathered to take their holy blessings full of heavenly splendour and strength, filling them with the mirth of heaven. Disciples and devotees narrated their divine experiences as whosoever comes at their holy feet is blessed with success in every endeavour of fame, wealth and position. Free from disease and distress, they are blessed with prosperity, honour, success and fulfillment of good wishes. The divine vibrations emanating from them spreads to all four sides and the true seeker is bestowed with a new life through their divine grace, making him pure mentally, physically and spiritually.
Disciples and devotees confirmed that they have been protected from accidents and unforeseen calamities in the past on account of their divine blessings.

What is important to know is that they also shower innumerable divine blessings for spiritual advancement of the human soul to higher realms of existence, which is the primary aim and achievement of their divine task. The founder of this divine mission is Sri Paak Gururani Nargis Minocher (Yogini) who in spite of all difficulties and unmindful of her own health, was found doing her work with wonderful zeal and care worthy of admiration. Sri Paak Jimmy (Yogiraj) by virtue of his inborn divinity and understanding today, manages the entire work of the divine mission with great skill and perception.

They preach to one and all, to respect all religions but follow only one religion in which one is born. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion, they have accepted all at their holy lotus feet. After six decades of such a ceaseless and selfless service and pure affection, their deepest desire is to see the spiritual well-being of disciples and devotees, to guide humanity on the path of self-realisation and eventually grant them salvation. This is their gift to mankind which is so absolute and eternal. At the birthday celebration, Zoroastrian priests sang prayers invoking the divine blessings of good health, wealth and prosperity from the great divine nature upon the living divine lights of the cosmos. May divine nature sprinkle the sweet fragrance of success on every path that they tread!

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