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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vipul Jain was one of the founders of Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) in 2002 and has served in the role of President since the beginning.

He is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Kale Consultants (now known as Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd). The Company is a global leader in technology for the airline industry and is listed on the stock exchange. It is one of the few "product" companies from India that has become a global leader and innovator.

Vipul is also Co- Founder, Mentor and Chairman of Kale Logistics Pvt Ltd, a software company focused on the logistics industry. He is on the Board of Fight Hunger Foundation, an NGO working to eradicate malnutrition in the country. Vipul is the Co-Founder of Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, one of the first private nature reserves in the country. As an entrepreneur and innovator Vipul was recognised with the Asian Entrepreneur Award in 2015.

He started his career as a Tata Administrative Officer at the Taj Group and led the pioneering computerization efforts in India, UK and USA. He is an alumni from IIT Kanpur and IIM Ahmedabad and was awarded the President’s Gold Medal for academic achievements.

What does CSA do?
CSA stands for Catalysts for Social Action and we work for a brighter future for children in need of care and protection. This could be an abandoned or lost child, it could be an orphan or even a child whose family is unable to take care of him/her. We believe that a loving family is the best option and where that is not possible “family like care” in a Child Home should be provided. Our goal is that every child has a safe, caring and nurturing environment so that he/she grows into a happy and contributing member of society.

We have four pillars of work are 1) Increasing adoptions, 2) Transforming Child Homes 3) Bridge to Livelihood and Aftercare 4) Advocacy.  We today engage with 3400 children across 64 orphanages in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.

I understand that there are less than 5000 adoptions in the country. Why so few adoptions?
The primary reason is very low awareness of adoption at all levels – doctors, police, social workers, NGO’s, and even the common person. Due to this low awareness, very few children reach the adoption stream. Adoption is a very good option for children because they grow up in a loving family; it is equally good for couples or even singles who wish to experience the joy of parenthood. As a result of low awareness, many children who could benefit never enter the adoption system.

It might surprise you to know that most Child Homes /orphanages are not licenced for adoption and thus many children languish in institutional care and never get the opportunity to be with a loving family. This is a tragic waste of development opportunity for many children.

Apart from this, the adoption processes need to be simplified and there should be better support for Adoptive parents both pre and post adoption. This will encourage the adoption, particularly of older children.

You are saying that children have to leave the orphanage at the age of 18. What happens to them?
At the age of 18, since they are now legally adults, children have to leave Child Homes and fend for themselves. Very often the girls are married off and the boys end up with low wage jobs. This is a huge gap across nearly all Child Homes and a shocking waste of human potential.

CSA has started a Bridge to Livelihood and Aftercare program where we provide life skills, career awareness and other preparatory programs while children are in the Child Home and support for higher education or job oriented training as they leave the institution. We hand hold them till they are into a stable career and ready for independent living. It is essential they we break the cycle of broken families and poverty and help children become happy and contributing members of society.  

What is the role of Government in the area of adoption and child protection?
The Juvenile Justice Act defines the rights of the child for care and protection. The guidelines for adoption and the management of the process is the responsibility of Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA). The government also has the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) and an ICPS unit in every district. There is also the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) that has to oversee the protection of children in their district.

This is the framework of laws, schemes and structures are in place and what is required is to make the implementation more transparent, data driven and effective. CSA is working towards this objective.

You are having an event on 17th September. Can you tell us something about that?
CSA is holding it’s 13th Annual Fundraiser on 17th September. It features an entertaining and inspiring program with giving. There are dance performances by our Cause Ambassador Sandeep Soparrkar, a fashion walk featuring women and men of substance and an art auction. The theme is The Eternal Bond – the bond with our Family that means so much to us.

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA)
Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) works for a brighter future for children who lack parental care and grow up in Children Homes. They believe that adoption is the best way and should be encouraged wherever possible. For children who must grow up in a Home, they should be provided "family like care" all the way till they are gain a decent livelihood.

Currently, CSA engages with 3400 children, in 60 Children Homes across the states of Maharashtra, Odisha, Goa and Madhya Pradesh.

Nutrition, Healthcare and Hygiene, Education, Life Skills, Recreation and Career planning are some of their areas of support. They also have an Aftercare and Bridge to Livelihood program for children as they turn 18 years and need to fend for themselves. CSA also runs an Adoption Helpline and facilitates more children entering into adoption stream.


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