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Crowd funding starts for Thalassemia affected kid

Friday, September 15, 2017
By A Staff Reporter

Krishna Gulwani, a 6 year old was diagnosed with Thalassemia major within 6 months of his birth. Thalassemia major is the severe genetic disorder that causes excessive destruction of red blood cells leading to the life-threatening form of anaemia. In India, due to lack of awareness, many people don't register as Umbilical Cord Blood donors and hence it is very difficult to find a match for transplant. The family has now finally found a match in Taiwan but needs funds for their child's operation for which a crowd funding has started.

Krishna has been surviving on monthly blood transfusion for the past 6 years, which is a highly expensive and painful process. The only remedy for this disease is a Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant which requires a donor whose genetic marker matches with the patient. After 4 years of dreadful search Krishna's family have finally found a Umbilical Cord Blood donor for Krishna in Taiwan.

Gulwanis have to arrange a huge sum of Rs.80 lakhs for Krishna’s surgery, travelling expenses and stay for approximately six months in Taiwan as operation needs to take place in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan by Dr. Jaing, The longer he waits, the more complications he will face from the transfusions, and the doctors are urging that he have the surgery done by October to avoid further complications.

Jitendra Gulwani, Krishna's father works a medical store in Mumbai and doesn’t earn enough to pay for these medical costs on his own. Moreover, the Gulwanis have depleted all their savings in Krishna’s treatment for last 6 years which have already costed them approximately 20 lakhs.

Till now, the family has managed to raised Rs. 20,00,000 for his transplant from donors, but however they are short of more 60 Lakhs. Hence the family has started a fundraiser on to raise the funds required at the earliest to save their child's life.

Little Krishna's parents are urging everyone to come forward and help their child live a healthy and better life.

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