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Elephanta Island to recieve permanent electricity supply

Friday, February 09, 2018
By Sarthak Jain. Photographs by Trupti Arekar

After receiving a measly 4 hours of generator power every day for long residents to finally get permanent electricity

Located almost 10 miles off Mumbai's shore, Elephanta Island (also known as Gharapuri) which houses the UNESCO world heritage site, Elephanta Caves will finally recieve permanent electricity and power supply.

Electricity will be provided via cables of 22KV. The network of cables is laid almost 30 metres under the sea and the source of power supply for this Island shall be Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited’s (MSEDCL) Nhava-Sheva power sub-station. As per officials, this is the first time they have laid cables underwater.

The total cost of the project that started somewhere around February this year was Rs. 18.5 crores. It will hugely benefit the near 10,00 villagers who have been living without proper electricity on the island.

Speaking to the ADC, the former Sarpanch of the Gharapur Gram Panchayat, Sunil Padte credited Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for his help in pushing this project through and also alluded to the fact that they benifitted from the same party ruling Maharshtra and India. He also informed us that the project is at a very advanced state as almost 70 houses have metres installed in them and most of the other work has also been done. "Because of the CM's busy schedule he has not been able to come and inaugerate the project yet but hopefully it will be done very soon," said Padte.

He further added, "It was something that we know should have been done years earlier but better late thean never. This is a huge step and the future of our island looks very bright. The government has huge plans for the island and I feel once they are all implemented it will make Gharapuri a tourist hotspot."

Another resident of the island, Virendra Padte said, "Nowdays we have only 4 hours of power supply from the generator service and this it is a huge step ahead. Our children will benefit a lot from this and we can also hope to live a more simpler and comfortable life."

Just like Sunil and Virendra Padte, all the residents of the Elephanta Island are very optimistic and hope that this will bring in a new light for them. Amidst all the political chaos that our country goes through, this is something that all of us can be happy about.

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