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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Real voices of Mumbai

After demonetisation, the old notes are back with the RBI. Was demonetisation a failure? What is your take?

Aniket Pendse (Media person)
I really don't know much about economics but I think because of this process certain amount of cash is deposited in banks and a certain amount has come into circulation. But standing in a queue is a headache as always. Not demonetisation, but it's management and how the government handled it is a failure.

Anjali Mapari (Conservation student)
Yes, I think demonetisation was a complete failure. Only the common man had to suffer and there was not a single positive outcome from this decision.

Malhar SB (Museology student)
I don't really understand how this benefited people. Our country lost its title of a developing country and we all went into losses. So I think they failed miserably.

Neha Vishwakarma (MA student)
No, I don't think it was a failure. People who had huge amounts of black money actually had no option but to surrender it to the government and those who have still hidden the money, the government is constantly keeping a check on them.

Lukita Pamula (MBA student)
Yes, it was a good decision to some extent. People with stacks of black money had to make their arrangements. But common people had to suffer a lot.

Vivek Dhalpe (Student)
It was a very bad failure. In just the span of a moment, many people lost their hard earned money. Farmers, workers, everyone had to suffer a lot and still there is no positive feedback.

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