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Friday, February 09, 2018

Real voices of Mumbai

How important is it for women to learn self-defense given today's unsafe environment?

Kamal Kalyanpur

It is absolutely necessary. Nowadays you hear so much news pertaining to molestation, rape and attempted rapes. Women can protect themselves  to some extent if they know how to defend themselves. Our law also protects a woman if she accidentally kills the person trying to rape, if proven to be the case.

Chetan Gusani
(PMO Consultant)

I have learned martial arts and I strongly feel every woman should learn self-defense. It will boost her confidence, especially considering today's environment wherein women sometimes have to work in different places, around the clock shifts. Learning self-defence is essential.

Raveena Patil

Crime against women is on the rise. With this tendency around, women are no longer as safe as they used to be earlier. It has become very necessary for them to have basic knowledge of self-defense.

Pratima Tambat
(Associate NCC Officer)

Being an NCC officer I have keenly observed techniques of self-defense and I do feel it is very important. Women should not be frightened while going out alone. If she knows self-defense she would feel more secure and will have the ability to save others also. This is a time when women should fight back.

Rohan Sawant
(Content writer)

It's completely necessary for each and every woman to know the art of self-defense. It;s become like the need of the hour in our country, given the environment that we dwell in today.

Manisha Yadav
(Trader-SBI Insurance)

Self-defense is not just a word, it is a necessity for today's women. Every day we hear news about rape or sexual harassment. Womens' security has become a crucial issue today. So it is most important that a woman is capable of defending herself.

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