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THANKSGIVING - 27-08-2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Praised, Adored, Glorified and Loved today and everyday throughout the world now and forever. Amen!!
Ask St. Claire for three favours two impossible and say nine hail Mary's and the above prayer for 9 days with a lighted candle and publish on the 9th day your request will be granted no matter how impossible it is.

I have changed my name from Khan Shakil Mohamed to Khan Shakil Mohammed as per Affidavit Dated 25/08/2018

I have changed my name from Siiddiqui  Mehboob  Ahmed Raees Ahmed to Siddiqui Mehboob Ahmed Raees  Ahmed as per Affidavit Dated 25/08/2018. C-7818

I have changed my name from Sorathia  Mohd  Farooq  Aziz, to ‘Sorathia  Farooq  Aziz’ as per Documents. C-7819

I have changed my name from Mohammed Adnan  Mohamed  Saleem to Mohammed Adnan Mohd Salim Shaikh as per Maharashtra Govt. Gazette Number (M-1858402) Dated  23rd to 29th August 2018 Accordingly (Address) 201, Reshma Building, 2nd Hasnabad Lane, Santacruz (West) Mumbai - 4000 54.

I  have changed my name from Mohamed Saleem Mohamed Rafique to Mohd Salim Mohd Rafiq Shaikh as per  Maharashtra Govt. Gazette Number ( M-1858155) Dated 23rd August to 29th  August 2018 Accordingly. (Address) 201, Reshma Building, 2nd Hasnabad Lane, Santacruz (West) Mumbai-400054.

I change my name from Poonam Biharilal Udhani  to new name  Deepa Nanik Chandnani  as per Document.

I change my name from Niveditha  to new name  Niveditha Shankar Shetty as per Gazette No (M-1857132)

I have changed  my  name from Satish Ganaptrao Parate to Satish Ganaptrao Parteki as per Maharashtra Gazette No (M -1336). C-7824

I have  changed my name from Fatima Darakshan Zahoor Husain Shaikh to Fatima Amjad Shaikh as per Document.

I have changed name from Nageshwar Prasad, Nageshwar Prajapati  to Nageshwar Girgit Prajapati as per Document
I have changed name from Anshuman Singh, Ansuman Singh to Anshuman Surendra Singh as per Document.

I  have changed my name from Shazad Haneef Baghdadi to Shahzad Haneef Bagdadi as per Documents. C-7828

I have changed my name from  Sheikh Nazma Nizamuddin  to  Nazma Nizamuddin Shaikh  as per Documents. C-7829

I had changed my name from Tasleem Fatima Majeed Ahmed Siddiquei to Tasalim Majidahamad Siddiqui as per Gazatte No M-185901 Dated : 25/04/2018. C-7830

I have changed my name from  Reshma Bano d/o Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh   to  Aasma   w/o  Imtiyaz  Khan  as per Documents. C-7831

I have changed my name from Shahnaz Begum Sayed Iqbal Ahmed Kadri to Shehnaz Iqbal Kadri as per Documents

I have changed my name from  mohamed salim shaikh to salim shaikh  as per documents

I Dipali Suresh Mane have changed my name to Deepali Suresh Mane as per Affidavit Dated 25/8/2018.

I Shaun Augustine Gonsalves have changed my name to Shaun Augustin Gonsalves as per Document.

I Rasoolbi Mohd Aslam Sayyed / Rasoolbi Mohammed Aslam Saiyyad / Rasulbi Mohammed Aslam Sayyed  have changed my name to Rasulbi Mohd Aslam Sayyed as per Document. C-7836

I Lalitkumar Babulal Jangid have changed my name to Lalit Babulal Jangid as per Documents. C-7837

I Sakina Husain Merchant d/o Asgar Nagari Residing at Flat No 3, Sunrose View, Bamanwada,Vile Parle East, Mumbai - 99 have changed my name to Sakina Nagari for all purposes as per Documents.

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