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A glance of the vivacious Khushboo

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
By Vijay Shanker

The Shivali Society of India presented the young dancers festival at the Mysore Association auditorium. Khushboo Shah was among the most vivacious dancers of the festival, creating a lasting impression on the audience.

Khushboo Shah is the disciple of Guru Nilesh Singha and Mubina of the Shivoham Institute of Performing Arts, she commenced the performance with the Trimurti Kautvam, seeking the blessings of the presiding deity of Indian classical dance; Menakshi Thaye in Abogi ragam, interpreted the virile and benevolent aspect of the goddess and the slayer of the demon Mahisasur. Khushboo gets completely involved with the performance and what is most striking, is the vivacious quality and the innate command over expressions which was further seen in the Meera Bhajan "Tum Bina Kaun Khabar Le", which dramatised the episode of Draupadi Vastraharanam and Krishna's appearance as the saviour and protector of all mankind.

The performance concluded with the intricate Thillana which was danced to perfect rhythm and stylised movements. Khushboo has the calibre to delve deeper into thematic subjects, hence can go far as a dancer, provided she continues to dance with the same amount of passion and zeal.

The Shivali Society had been established by late dance critic CM Rana in order to encourage young talent in varied styles, also since the platforms for young dancers are quite few. Shivali continues its legacy of promoting young talent.

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