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Bhakti Dhara festival was a hit

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
By Amarendra Dhaneshwar

'Sangit Mahabharati', the premier music institution in the metropolis is over sixty years old. Set up by the late Nikhil Ghosh who was not only a front ranking tabla player but was an all rounder as a musician. His institution trained many musicians and also created a platform for many aspiring performing artistes. His children grew up to become leading performers. Now the 'Sangit Mahabharati' is being run by Nayan Ghosh, his eldest son who is a topnotch sitar and tabla player.

The anniversary festival which was organized by the Mahabharati at the Nehru Centre was a sell out event. This time the focus was on devotional music. Kalapini Komkali, daughter of Kumar Gandharva performed 'Nirguni' and 'Saguni bhajans' on the first evening. It was Kumar Gandharva who brought the 'Nirguni bhajan', as a musical form, into limelight. 'Nirgun' is formless or attribute-less. That is one way of approaching God. The other is 'Sagun', which means with attributes or with form. 'Bhajans' which are descriptive of different God-heads are 'sagun'. Kalapini sang them with a sense of involvement.
Chand Nizami, Shadaab Faridi and Sohraab Faridi are Quawwali singers. The Quawali is mainly a devotional form of music. The troupe poured heart and soul into their performance which made the evening memorable. The second session was devoted exclusively to the mono act presentation entitled 'Soordas' by singer/actor Shekhar Sen. Sen writes, directs and enacts, as he also sings the compositions and sets them to tune. His shows are indeed riveting. This show too was not an exception. Atul Tiwari, the actor compered the show with elegance.

Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre featured singers Priya Purushottam and Ankita Joshi in their monthly 'baithak'. Both are young and energetic singers. Priya sang the raga 'Poorvi' with confidence and with a sense of dignity. She has trained under the great Dinkar Kaikini. Ankita Joshi, pupil of the Mewati gharana maestro Jasraj, has always proved to be an effective performer.

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