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Vyjyanti performes with theatrical appeal

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
By Vijay Shanker

Sam Ved Society of Performing Arts presented the 28th Pt Durgalal Festival at the open air amphitheatre of Sangit Mahabharati in Juhu. The top dancers featured in the festival were Kathak exponent Mangala Bhat from Hyderabad and Kuchipudi exponents Vyjayanti and Pratiksha Kashi from Bangalore. It was a fine tribute to a great meastro.

Sam Ved Society of Performings Arts was established by accomplished Kathak exponent Uma Dogra. The society organises two major festivals every year, the Raindrops festival to encourage young talent and the Pt Durgalal festival to pay tributes to the torch bearer of the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak, Pandit Durgalal who died at a young age.

Mangla was one of the foremost disciples of Pt Durgalal, hence her performance was most befitting for the occasion. She performed 'teen taal' and the 'vilambit gat ki chaal' and other pure dance numbers with comfortable ease and expertise, revealing her mastery over 'layakari'. With fine vocal support for the rendition of the Sant Tukaram, Abhang, Mangala concluded her performance

The mother and daughter team of Vyjyanti and Pratiksha Kashi performing Kuchipudi with theatrical appeal of dramatisation and elegant movements, created a lasting and stunning impact on the audience.

Chitra Lohitha deals with the subject of colours and emotions together. The red colour symbolises blood, the sun and much more, hence episodes as to how Hanuman tries to swallow the sun, thinking it was some fruit, the 'hasyam' of the mother, the 'raudra' of the King Hranyankashyapu, the terror of the demon Raktabheej. Pratatiksha played Hanuman and Prahlad with complete involvement. The utlimate death of Hirankashyapu was well enacted by Vyjyanti, A great performance indeed!

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