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Actors caution against firecrackers

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Actors Alia Bhatt and John Abraham are concerned that firecrackers (during Diwali and otherwise) not only disturb animals but can also, on occasion, even injure them. No wonder Alia, on social media last Sunday, suggested that instead of bursting firecrackers people could use that money to feed a stray. In what she hashtagged as the #PoochOverPataka campaign, Alia suggested complete curbs on firecrackers, posting: “The sound of firecrackers can be stressful and an animal on the street might starve itself so that it doesn't have to leave its hiding spot. So this year, celebrate Diwali the coexist way by choosing to feed a stray in your neighbourhood in the day time!” And actor John Abraham put up on his social media account, a poster of a dog in a cardboard box holding its hands to its ears which read: “No Patakas, Only Love!” The poster went on to elaborate several ways to help animals this Diwali: such as going noise-free and celebrating only with lamps and sweets; keeping one’s pets indoors during the time slots that firecrackers can be burnt in; providing strays with temporary shelter in societies and homes; consulting a vet or medical practitioner in case an animal sustains burns etc. Say we: While animals certainly suffer due to firecrackers, they’re not the only ones – old and sick citizens, infants and some women do so equally. Which is why we’re so happy that society is nowadays beginning to realise the mental agony that firecrackers (and especially festive bombs) can often cause!

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