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On the urgency of happiness

Monday, March 05, 2018

We attended the launch of author Anu Vittal’s book on attaining happiness – Create Happiness by Being SPPPFF – at the Canadian consulate in the city last week. SPPPFF stands for the idea of gaining satisfaction in the Spiritual, Physical, Personal, Professional, Financial and Family/Friends arenas of one’s life. The discussion was moderated by spiritualist and life coach Shikha Singh and also had author Yogesh Chabria on the panel. One of the most fascinating aspects of the evening was perhaps the Q&A session with the audience, with many frankly sharing their experiences and seeking solutions. So, for example, there was a young Canadian man whose father had committed suicide back in North America a year earlier, asking on how to deal with depressive states of mind. Another Canadian related his experience of being robbed in India and was seeking a release mechanism whereby he could genuinely forgive those who had traumatised him. A Mumbaikar stood up to speak about how he had survived the horrific terrorist 26/11 attack in the city, 10 years ago. He wanted to know how to recover from the distress of it all. A fourth participant related how his son suffered from a particular mental disorder and that he was caregiving for him 24/7. What was the solution to that and how could he become happy, was what he wanted to know. The conclusion we reached was one that anyone present there might have reached – that since there is obviously so much adversity and suffering in this world of ours, one urgently needs a strong antidote to all of this, if not an elixir.

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