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Parents and toddlers! Hilarious!

Friday, September 07, 2018

Have you, at any stage of life, ever tried to get your little toddler to eat a proper meal? Then you’d know what a trying experience (for the parent!) it can be.  The Huffington Post collected some hilarious tweets from parents and guardians about getting their little ones to eat meals which we reproduce for you:

  • From a parent who calls himself ‘The Bearer of Dad News’: “For all you non-believers our next trick...

We will sit in front of this food, not eat it, and make your sanity disappear!
--Two-year olds.”

  • From Stephanie Ortiz: “Hey, let's eat outside tonight so the flies can eat our food while the mosquitos eat us, and the kids eat nothing because they hate burgers today.”
  • From Mark: “My toddler is pretty particular about the brand of chicken nuggets I offer her for somebody who just ate a crayon.”
  • From The Parent Normal: “Trying to figure out the right plate/food combo for a toddler is like trying to complete a Rubik’s Cube for the first time, every time.”
  • From Mother Playlist: “Three-year-old is upset because I didn't eat the pretend lunch she made me. My, my, my, how the tables have turned.”
  • From The Dad: “Child: What’s for dinner? Me: Casserole.

    Child: Siri, what is casserole?”

From Jess Pacito: “Dinner is a great time for my family to come together to tell each other exactly what is wrong with the meal I made.”

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