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Trying to please all? Here's what happens...

Friday, October 12, 2018

We came upon a charming illustration that was on actress Raveena Tandon’s social media account. It is an adaption of a famous story from Aesop’s Fables of what happens when one tries to please everyone. The (adapted) tale goes something like this: A man and his wife are on their way to the market riding their donkey. Passers-by seeing them say: “Wicked man! Two of you on a donkey! Terrible!” So the man gets his wife off the donkey and they continue along their way, with the man riding. After going for some distance some people in their path seeing the man riding the donkey and the wife walking along say: “Selfish man! You ride the donkey while your wife treks!” So the man gets down from the donkey, seats his wife on the animal and they go along their way. They traverse some distance before encountering passers-by who, seeing the wife seated on the donkey and the man walking along remark: “Stupid man! Your wife rides on the donkey while you trek!” So finally, the wife comes down from the donkey and both husband and wife walk alongside the animal. As they near the market, some passers-by spot them and snigger: “Clueless man! You don’t even know how to ride a donkey!” While the illustration, posted by one @Gabbbar Singh, says that this could be indicative of the plight of people on Twitter, we feel it’s pretty much applicable to most who are constantly in the public eye – especially actors!

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