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8-year-old’s death and murder

Thursday, September 06, 2018

IT looks like the 8-year-old and 12-year-olds are becoming victims more now than before. Only a couple of them have been tried so far and have undergone death punishment. There are hundreds of them are out there. What is shocking is that there people who are orthodox think that having sex with eight-year-olds is a crime. There are reports of 8-year-old sex crimes in that age-group. Is there is nothing wrong with it? There are those who have openly demonstrated that 8-year-olds can have sex. Perverts in some religions okay sex at 8. When the criminals were held in jail while it was a police case, open defence of the criminals were being made. What was pointed out was the temple priests were themselves involved. Sex was taking place in temples. The priests, quite a large number of them, did not regard sex with an 8-year-old was a crime. Quite a few activities in this regard were going on in temples with the blessing of priests themselves.

Now the crime is taking place on a large scale. There may be some who may think it is a crime, but they do not want death sentence as punishment.
Crimes on 8-year-olds are taking place all over India with the approval of, in quite a few cases, by the families themselves. In quite a few cases, the crime is hushed up. There is little doubt that it is a crime that 8-year-olds are forced to have sex. A lot needs to be gone through in this horrible area of crime. However, it has little chance of success until the people themselves want it.

What is ghastly is that in such cases, the 8-year-olds are not only forced to have sex but at the end of it, murdered. The death sentence to such monsters is quite right. Such horrors deserves death.

The state must do something more to get the 8-year-olds killers. It will not be an easy job for the police. It is a challenge to them. The poor kids need help.

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