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All stop at the war

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

NO nation seems to be keen to go on a confrontation course. They all want peace and no war. This is a good happening. Every nation is scared of war. Take for instance a war in our own region: between India and Pakistan. They all make a big noise about it sometimes and declare that war is inevitable, but then stop short. This is happening between India and Pakistan all the time. Pakistan breaks the LoC all the time, killing sometime a dozen persons. Then after making the noise, stop. India retaliates, kills more than a dozen but stops. There is a limit beyond which they do not go. Pakistan and India know very well the terrible consequences of a regular, terrible war.

Even North Korea who likes to hurl nuclear threats, remains silent when the danger limit reaches. Another nation which raises the war cry most is China. This country has a leader who attacks as many times as possible. It wants a war itself. It tells the world about the war preparations it is making and says "Beware". China joins with nations like Pakistan and raises an impression of war at a proper time. It describes in detail the number of weapons it has collected, the growing strength of its army and the various preparations it has made on several fronts.

Today, all are held back because of the well known dangers, the hidden horror. The nuclear weapon is stopping them all. The most deadly weapon stops them all from war.

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