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No problem arresting VVIPs

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

THE judiciary and the police were against the arrest of a VVIP until three years ago. The police would keep away from the man under an article of the court. It was clear that justice was administered not equally and in the same manner. No reason given by the pollice was satisfactory. The police ignored unrest by the public in this regard. The police were used to treat VVIPs as  God's own men. And finally the rule came  in 2015.

But even now, the police do not want to arrest the VVIPs. They put off the arrest as long as possible. It looks like the police think that the VVIP's do not do anything wrong. They are perhaps finding it difficult to face a criminal VVIP. As in Karti's case, there are some VVIPs whose crimes are very obvious. The police want to interrogate them properly. This requires elaborate investigations. The police has found that a close relative has to be interrogated. There is documentary evidence against him. Holding only talks with such persons are not enough. In the case of a poor or not a prominent person, the police have no hesitation in arresting him. At the slightest provocation, the police arrest such a person.

The poor man's arrest is like child's play for them. They cannot put him in but also announce the event of arrest publicly. The police must get out of what looks like a phobia. In the matter of arrest, the police must be free and go ahead and carry it out. There should be no discrimination.

And it the police must not have  any inhibitions. The laws and rules are clear and they can go ahead and do their duty without fear or favour. It is time the police arrested a few more VVIPs.

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