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One more president from the dynasty

Friday, December 08, 2017

Two persons who wanted to participate in the election of Rahul Gandhi as the president of the Congress party were not allowed to do. They were barred from doing so because it came to be known that they were posing a challenge to him. There were some 87 nomination papers including that of Rahul. The participants in the Congress presidential election were all chosen, it was claimed, by the dynasty family.

The Congress claims there were proper procedures in the election of the president. The BJP describes what took place in the choice of the president was - coronation. There is no democracy in the Congress party, the BJP said. Everything is decided by the dynasty. Ever since the Congress party was formed, there has been no democracy in the party. on the death of a dynasty man or woman, a family member became the president. There was no elevation but only the passing of the crown from one member of the family to the other. Rahul had no worry about any challenge from any other member of the party. Such a happening - a chance for any member to become a president - was not there. Some of the leaders had developed a inferiority complex inside of themselves that they were not good enough to head the party.

This time, two leaders dared to challenge Rahul's becoming president, in no time at all, they were thrown out of the party.

The Congress is no longer what it was at the time of Nehru and Indira. There was freedom and democracy then. The situation now is totally different.

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