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USA - 'A developing country'

Monday, September 10, 2018

AMERICAN President Donald Trump is of the view the US is "a developing country". The rest of the world, however, has a totally different opinion. The unanimous opinion is that the US is a leading, flourishing nation. There is an obvious reason why people of the world think America is a rich country where the people live in luxury and which is well prepared militarily. Take all statistics and see: it is clear the US is at the top. Trump does not want to be in this advantage position. For instance, China has a big trade with the US. Trump wants to cut down trade with China which has the advantage. China puts up maximum price for its goods and has a big advantage. The US, Trump says, wants to cut down trade with China. He is blunt about it. He also has taken objection to India taking advantage of its good relations with the USA and gaining big.

While dealing with nations, including India, Trump calculates first how much his country gains. After becoming President of the US, he has turned a new course in international relationships. In every deal, his country comes first. How much does the US stand to gain? For Trump, it is always his country. How much is there for his country in it? He agrees now to deals where the advantage is the best for his country. He appears to be shedding the big-brother attitude. He has told China, for instance, and also India, they will not get from the US any favourable business deals. Trump is a tough politician and a businessman. And he uses tough language. A high-standing political person who has found this out is Barack Obama, former president
of the US.

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