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Worsening rape scenario

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

RAPE has become the biggest crime that is taking place in the country. The police come to know about the happening of a rape only when it is reported. Most of those who are raped do not go to the police. There are many girls in their teens and even older women who do not report the crime. They feel a sense of shame and so keep the incident a secret. The entire family, which is hit by a sense of shame, do not want any publicity. So they would like to hush the matter and so they advise their family members not to talk about it. It is only a small percentage of the raped which finally get set to go to the police. The one who is raped knows that people will talk about it. That will make things worse. As a consequence, thousands of cases of rapes go unreported.

Even in the 8 and 12-year-old rapes, the criminal watches for a while and lets go if police action does not take place. The rapist does not use force always in such cases but lets the victim go alive. Scared to death, the family does not report to the police. It all becomes a totally hushed up matter and the child survives.

The rape scenario in the country is a big scary one. A sense of shame on the part of the raped prevents the crime from being tackled properly by the police. In a rape case, a woman's dignity and honour is involved. Rapists know about this and take advantage of it. If more is not heard about the horrible crime, it is because the shattered victims do not want to talk about it. What is horrible is quite often the victims themselves are blamed for the crime. There are people who want women to cover themselves from head to foot and keep indoors all the time. No wonder the police find it difficult to control the rapidly worsening rape situation in the country.

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