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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

It is essential for us to make our children embrace the resumed session at school with new vigour. Here are steps that you can take to ensure the same

By Ms. Lina Ashar, Founder, Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd

After the much awaited summer break, it is time for our young ones to go back to school. While the excitement of being with their friends is there, it can get quite overwhelming for children to return to a set routine after a leisure time at home. Here’s what you can do to ensure going back to school is a smooth process.

Set the Sleep Routine
Around 1.5 weeks before the opening day, get into a set pattern of your sleep routine along with your child. For example, instead of waking up at a leisure pace, set the alarm for one hour prior to school time and ensure that the little one is up and about, to go forward with the day. The explanation is simple – all our bodies have a biological clock and it adjusts itself according to our sleep patterns. Our mind is powerful enough to sync with it, too. That is why, by doing this simple step, you’re conditioning your child’s mind and bio-clock to get used to the routine that is to resume once his/her school break is over.

Buy School Supplies together
From small things like pencils and notebooks to shoes and uniforms – buying them along with your child goes a long way in preparing them, psychologically, for the next term. It gives them a sense of comfort and involvement that you are with them in this time of transition. Also, the ability to exercise their choices while buying school supplies gives them a feeling of responsibility as well. This leads to a feel-good factor and better preparedness for school.

Review school material and make a time table
This is a very important step. It is necessary to review school materials like the syllabus, textbooks etc along with your child as this acts like an overview of what is to come – making them feel better prepared for the coming session. It is also important to set a timetable with them – ask them what they would prefer to make time for – be it TV/Computer time or playing with their friends – it is essential to make their likes and hobbies and inclusive and integral bit of their time-table for the day. This also enables your child to feel important and understood for his/her inclinations, thus making him/her look forward to the coming months.

Yearly check-up
Make sure that you plan a yearly medical check-up for your children a few weeks before the session starts, so that you’re positive of the fact that they’re resuming school on a healthy note. Getting a consultation also enables them to be assured of the fact that they’re hale and hearty to start school with refreshed zeal.

Talk to them about how they’re feeling
Sit with them and ask about how they’re feeling about the new term. Listen to their apprehensions/expectations and hear them out. Once they’ve told you, try to address every point individually in a calm manner and highlight the positives of joining back: friends, favorite subjects, sports tournaments etc – whatever you feel will be in line with their interests. It is necessary to focus on the positives.

These simple steps will instill the feelings of reassurance, responsibility and confidence in your children, to gear them up for going back to school. Cherish these fun moments and always remember to create a positive pedestal for them, to go ahead and accomplish anything they wish to, in this world!

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