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'Becoming of the Person'

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
By Manjiri Chitre

The Managing Director and Founder of the Prahlad Kakkar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship- Mr. Pratish Nair, along with Reah Cama Irani- Founder and Director of Operations talk to the Afternoon DC about the branding and entrepreneurship education system in India, and their goals for PKSBE

The Prahlad Kakkar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship (PKSBE) has roped into several industry experts from different domains. Over the time, PKSBE has come up with just one mission that focuses on the 'Becoming of the Person'. Talking to the  Managing Director and Founder of the Prahlad Kakkar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship- Mr. Pratish Nair said, “The mission for PKSBE Particularly is to focus on the 'becoming of the person'. We want to create a person into an entrepreneur, ad filmmaker or a branding person. Usually, other colleges give certificates, our real intention is to make a market ready the day the students leave our campus.”

The  Prahlad Kakkar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship has grown into an institute of branding of entrepreneurship which focuses on practical knowledge. Speaking about the growth and expansion of the institute, Mr Nair further added, “Right now, we have already made a conscious decision that every student who walks inside PKSBE, we should know them personally. So, we have decided that we will never have 520 students in one location. 600 strong entrepreneurs in our campus is what we envision today, and that is our future strategy. We will never have thousand students in one location ever in our life. Currently, we are operating a campus in Mumbai, along with it, we will be operating in Bangalore as well. But we are also planning on having residential schools in the future in and around Mumbai where people can come and stay with us and learn.”

The institute has come up with several learning techniques, however, PKSBE focuses mainly on the practical learning of the students. They believe that they practical learning will make the people in their campus completely ready to become successful entrepreneurs.  The Founder and Director of Operations, Reah Cama Irani told ADC, “As our mission is to create people who can go out there and make a difference, the learning strategies here have to be very practical. Everything is practically taught to them, which is what differentiates us from many other colleges, I feel. Our strategy is to make people who have been there, done that. They should know what it is to fail in business, and build themselves up again and succeed in their life. Our strategy is to 'Teach by doing'.”

Speaking about her views on the growing branding and entrepreneurship education system in India, Irani said, “I think it is very new, and the system is coming up in India. But, I think we always like to discuss what we are focused on. I think there are far more greater ideas, and branding and entrepreneurship education system in India is a brilliant initiative. We did not have anything like that during our time and I am glad that is it growing in our country now. Entrepreneurship is very required, and we need to bring a structure to it. We want to create a perfect balance for our students- we want them to go out and make a difference and be entrepreneurs but at the same time, we want to structure them in life as entrepreneurs.”

“When we had a MBA base, everyone wanted to be an MBA. And today suddenly, entrepreneurship has become very glamorous. Almost everyone has gone ahead and opened a course called entrepreneurship. And that is what we are doing. But are the other colleges really structuring their students to be exceptional entrepreneurs?

An entrepreneur is a person who has a 100 per cent ownership. And if they don't learn the ownership of their own life, what are they even learning?”, added Mr. Pratish Nair, the Founder and Managing Director PKSBE.

The institute is also coming up with an incubation center from February 2018. The programme is specially designed, to equip the budding entrepreneurs, with detailed knowledge about the different know-hows of starting and running a successful business.  It primarily aims at delivering support to the tech start-ups, however aspiring entrepreneurs from different domains can also choose to be a part of the Incubation Space. “This will expose us to the reality of the market. We aim to sharpen the skill sets of students for their future business endeavors, which will broadly encompass strategy, risk intelligence, decision making, crisis management, crisis prevention, anticipation, and accountability”, said Pratish Nair, the Founder and Managing Director PKSBE.

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