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Born To Wander

Thursday, September 07, 2017
By Parth Khatau

Travel Factor helps you pick a travel destination and encourages solo travel around the globe

In a time when travelling in tours and large groups dominates the way Indians go on holidays, Sunny Shah and Kushal Sankhe’s company, Travel Factor takes you off the beaten path by encouraging solo travel. “Solo travel allows you freedom and control over your own time, while enabling you explore a country to its fullest and spend as much time as you’d want to at any spot. While groups have to follow a certain time discipline, traveling solo gives you flexibility to decide your own schedule,” said 29 year old Sunny who partnered Kushal Sankhe to start the company six years ago.

Speaking of when he was bitten by the travel bug and what gave him ammunition to explore new places, Sunny said, “I’d say the more I travelled the more I enjoyed it. We vividly remember our first trips and how the whole experience was so rejuvenating. Each trip made us learn new aspects about the country and made us want to travel more of the world.” “We visited different countries and explored various aspects like food, culture and lifestyle in each of them.” Travel, from being the duo’s passion things to do which was a natural transformation.  “Travel as a profession wasn’t our first choice. It just happened for both of us naturally. Our passion to travel & get educated in this process about various destinations helped us guide our clients in an appropriate manner. The more we travelled to newer places the better we got at helping our clients in the best possible way,” said Sunny.

The company’s prime objective is to help people travel to their chosen destination in the best possible manner. “Basically, make their trip memorable & fun! Suggesting the right things to do and maximise their visit to a country is of prime importance to us,” said Sunny.

His message to youngsters is simple. “Keep your mind open and explore as much as you can,” quipped Sunny. “Hard work and determination is key to success. Travel Factor had to be the first name in our client’s dictionary when they think about travel. We’ve strived hard to work our way to our top 1500 clients & retain them too. Happy clients always come back to you and that’s a testament of our success,” he added.

Sunny is also a proud son and is glad that through his profession, his parents are able to travel the world, too. A luxury they could not afford earlier in their lives. “My parents have been very supportive. In fact, they too have ended up exploring a few countries along with us. While we were being raised by them, they didn’t have the luxury to make us travel abroad. Today, because of the field we’re in, it gives us immense pride to make our parents see new countries,” he said.

The best places to travel solo on a tight budget according to Sunny are Bali (Indonesia), Greece, Istanbul (Turkey), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Vietnam, Amsterdam (Netherlands) besides India, which he feels has a lot to offer too.

Travel Factor essentially excels in customising your trip to the tee. From your hotel, to the pick up, to the places you visit and the time you choose too!
Everything under their capacity is customised and personalised to suit their client’s needs. In between all of this, they make sure they have educated their client on the chosen destination, make them familiar with facts most travel agents wouldn’t tell them or wouldn’t know. A lot of time is spent with clients before they embark on their trip to make sure they’re comfortable and excited.

“Our Membership program that is available from 3 to 7 years gives you a wide spectrum to travel within India or international for seven nights per year. These memberships help our customers for a guaranteed stay in 3/4/5 star properties in whichever country their package includes,” said Sunny. By paying a one-time amount, one can sit back & relax while planning their vacations.

A quick peek on the company’s website,, gives you further insight in how detailed their offerings are. They also provide advice on visas for popular countries, international cruises, car rentals abroad, Eurail bookings in order to make one’s travel experience as hassle-free and memorable as possible.

Solo travel allows you freedom and control over your own time, while enabling you explore a country to its fullest and spend as much time as you’d want to at any spot. While groups have to follow a certain time discipline, traveling solo gives you flexibility to decide your own schedule
– Sunny Shah, Co-Owner, Travel Factor

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