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Challenges and opportunities in school education

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

“Creativity is as important as literacy”
 - Ken Robinson

True Education has a lot to do with creativity and not just literacy. Gone are the days when education was all about rote learning and this is where the opportunity lies. Business in the education sector is a great responsibility, as we are dealing with children and working towards building a future for them. The demand for good schools is very high as education is given a lot of importance in our country and parents have aspirations of sending their children to the best of schools.

Education has seen a major shift in the last 15 years. Historically parents sent their children to aided schools, where the school fees were minimal and girls received free education. The teacher child ratio was 1:50 (or even more) and these schools were deploying a curriculum that was developed by government appointed universities which was not updated thereafter. With large classroom numbers the schools could only follow a rote method of learning where the child did not necessarily understand the concept taught but was able to regurgitate it orally and on paper.

A recent study by The US department of labour states that ‘65 percent of children entering grade school this year are likely to encounter work profiles that are not even in existence by the time they graduate.’

The only thing we are certain of is that creativity, imagination and entrepreneurship is going to be absolutely important if we want our children to not just survive in this new millennium but to TRULY THRIVE. This is why it is necessary that we put creativity at the centre of children’s learning. We know that 20 years from now success will hinge not on how much we know, but on our ability to think and act creatively. Creativity is the driving force of economic progress and the decisive source of competitive advantage.

The crux of the matter is to focus on the core essential of Education – its effect and affect on a student, which should be from a long-term perspective and not a short one.

However there are many challenges that entrepreneurs in the education sector have to face. From documentation to other legal formalities, the roadblocks are there. But, where there’s a will, there is a way.

Only by encouraging investments and entrepreneurship in education does this country have a hope of increasing schools that focus on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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