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Cover the earth before it covers you

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
By Parth Khatau

Join Sherwin Rebello and his team of backpackers across various untapped parts of India on a shoestring budget

It was 2010 when Sherwin Rebello was bitten by the travel bug after a humble trek to the Himalayas. "Post that trip I knew I had to have more of the mountains," said Sherwin, who started a company called with his sister Maleeva and today, after four and a half successful years, has decided to continue his quest under a new brand name. When asked about the places he has travelled to across India, he quips. "India is a country that one cannot explore completely in a lifetime. There is so much to see." Sherwin's prime objective with The Land Of Wanderlust is to make travelling as affordable as possible and see more and more Indians travel with a backpack.

In the first two years since its inception, the website was just a blog for content. Only when I ran out of money to travel did the idea to convert it into a backpacker startup was conceived. The prime goal was and still is to fund the content on the site and the YouTube channel.

The Land of Wanderlust handles backpacking trips of varous number of days across various parts of India like Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Kashmir, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka and many more. They also handle day treks to certain untapped locations in Maharashtra that you can find out on their website,

"There are many companies that handle backpacking, camping and trekking trips but we are constantly on the look-out for more and more untapped, unknown locations to travel to.

“Besides that, our focus on content (Pictures + Videos ) from each and every place we backpack to, is what I feel is unmatched in the industry as of now," said 25-year-old Sherwin. The company, that runs with just a team of four, looks to expand internationally in the next couple of years but as of now are looking to maximize what they have on their plate.

When asked about his favorite destination, Sherwin added, "It is difficult to pick one. India is so diverse a country that every place has its own charm. However, if asked to pick one, i would say Kasol, a village in Himachal Pradesh which is situated in the Parvati Valley."

Things haven't r been hunky dory for Sherwin, however, as he recalls issues he faced at his old brand The Land Out There. " Things went south at my old brand TLOT and I got the boot. Since this has always been a project close to my heart ever since I started TLOT in 2012, the new name has more to do with a more powerful travel word in Wanderlust to help brand ourselves better the second time around," he said.

However, with things looking up again, Rebello is thankful that he is living his dream. He is rarely homesick and does not feel it is any kind of a sacrifice to be living out of a backpack.

"I won't say I had to make any sacrifices as such because this was something I had dreamt about as a kid. I always wanted to be on the road traveling and I can't thank God enough for giving me the life I wanted."

What keeps him grounded and willing to work as hard as possible? "After backpacking  around India for the last seven years, I have just reached a stage where material things do not matter. I have been humbled from all ends by what I have experienced on the road in these years and long may this lovely journey continue," he went on to add.

About The Land of Wanderlust
Backpacking in India as a means of budget travel across the country is slowly picking up pace.

 The Land of Wanderlust takes this forward and involves rugged travel across India within a budget, shoestring as it may be.

Backpacks, travel via public transport, basic home stays and backpacker guest houses are the way they cover the country. If you want to know the difference between a traveller and a tourist then pack your backpack and join them.

Cover the earth before the earth covers you because you don’t choose a life, you live one .

About: Sherwin Rebello, Founder, The Land Of Wanderlust
Sherwin Rebello is a 25-year-old Physics graduate from Mumbai, his never ending love for backpacking started way back in 2010 on a humble trek to the Himalayas.
Since then Sherwin has been obessed with getting  to every known and unknown place not just in India but to places around the world using the internet to help make the world an easier place to travel around.

Since relaunching under a new brand name, Sherwin feels that his passion is the same, to have the best travel website and motivate as many people he can to pick up their backpacks and cover the earth, be it with TLOW or on their own. His dream is to backpack to all 196 countries in the world and to see every Indian be it young or young at heart travelling everywhere with a backpack.

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