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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


From last year’s sport scams to this year’s board exams, the young opinionate on everything. With the world cup fever in the air, it seems that opinions about it are bound to form. The ADC team spoke to young students and professionals to find out their views on the ongoing world cup

Studies/ World Cup?
Missing any of India's matches is a sin and so I make it a point to miss any of them. In case I am unable to bear witness to the entire match, I prefer watching the innings where India is batting and if I have very little time, then just watch the first 20 overs. If not that, I have a widget on my macbook that constantly gives me updates on the score.
- Jesse Janumala, student 
This time the boards have played the role of an angel by showering us with a holiday for every paper. And luckily, every match that India is playing happens to be on a holiday between the exams. I am an ardent fan and my heart will always beat for ESPN. I wake up at dawn and finish my studies before the master takes the strike. Cricket is my religion and I cannot miss it!
- Harsh Desai, student
The World Cup as they say is the cup that matters… like casual cricket fans I also follow cricket. I myself have captained the school team and love the game. Watching it is a must but not at the cost of my career. The optimum solution according to me is to be prepared in advance and watch the match whenever you want to. Ignore unimportant matches and remain updated with the results.
- Jinit Vakharia, student

India’s star player?
Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is the captain and has to prove his capability for which he needs to give his best. He has also been performing quite well in the last matches, which is why we expect a lot from him. Sachin Tendulkar also has a good chance as he is the best cricketer and he has broken most records.
- Rinee Malik, First year, Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication, Amity University, Delhi 

Virat Kohli. He has scored quite a few centuries in the last few matches. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is unpredictable when compared to Kohli. I don’t think Sachin Tendulkar will be the star performer, as there is immense pressure on him due to which he is bound to make silly mistakes.
- Pratik Patel, Third year, Shantaben-Manubhai Patel Institute of Commerce, Ahemdabad 
Sachin Tendulkar, definitely! We have all been witness to his performances since he has been serving India and know how consistent he has been. When one talks about the Indian team and their victories, Sachin Tendulkar’s name is synonymous.  
- Kartik Kantharia, Second year, Raffles Institute of Design

Fed up of scams? 
There is definitely a sense of disconnect. In my opinion, the craze and the fanaticism that once the Indian public had for the game has been on the decline all. Obviously that derives from the fact that some people have managed to irreparably tarnish the image of the sport, and not just cricket. Some enterprises such as the Commonwealth Games were handled in the worst way possible. It robbed away the life that these sports had which attracted the masses. It's almost as if a controversy is waiting to happen. Though I'd keep my fingers crossed. It is still far from worse. The youth still want the Indian team to win, and possibly enjoy just a plain old game of cricket and the sweet dose of entertainment it provides.     
- Omkar Pandit
No, I don’t think all these scams and controversies have any relevance to the current cricket World Cup. CWG was a combination of political blunders and organisational mishaps. Yes, IPL did leave some unwashed stains on the very spirit of cricket and that will definitely impact the young minds of today’s generation as they are quite volatile. But, the World Cup is an altogether different affair. It is the emotional attachment of the fans to the game of cricket as a whole that makes a difference. Somewhere down the line, despite all the negativity around, we still believe in the game with utmost optimism.
- Vidula Menge
The World Cup has no connections with the scam because both the CWG and IPL scams were cases involving people from administration and not the players. As youngsters we have a lot of faith in our cricketers and hence we follow the sport with devotion. The politics of it doesn't matter to us. It's all about the passion for the gentleman's game.
- Sheyas Dhatrak

Work or Wankhede finals? 

I am quite keen on watching the finals at Wankhede irrespective of the teams that make it to the finals.
- Mangalam Maloo, student
I’ll bunk work on the day India is playing a match. I have to work but will run to the cafeteria every now and then to catch up with the scorecard. I want to see the finals but haven’t made any plans yet.
- Karan Vazirani, Associate Producer at a media house

Winning team, 2011? 

India. It’s natural for someone to hope their country will win the World Cup. But my being Indian isn’t the only reason why I feel India will win. Also because its Sachin’s last World Cup and the best cricketer cannot retire without winning a world cup. We also have a strong side this year, even though our bowling is weak. Australia may have won the former two world cups, but they don’t seem so strong this year. Apart from India, South Africa and Australia are the only other two contenders this time.
- Adwait Dandekar, Fourth year Engineering student
Sri Lanka. They are playing well and they look like they are in good form. India would still go ahead in the series as the matches are in Asia and the pitches will support the Indian team. But I still think Sri Lanka has a good chance of winning the world cup.  
- Pranjali Kirloskar, TYBA, Xavier’s College 
Both South Africa and England stand a good chance of winning the world cup as both teams are in great form and have been playing well so far, thus they both stand a good chance of reaching the finals. Indians are too over confident, if we win one match, they start loosing focus and start taking the rest of the matches causally. If they shed that attitude, then we will definitely make it to the finals. 
- Vanessa D’Souza, FYBA, Sophia College 

Scams up, equity down? 
I don’t think the brand equity of the World Cup has gone down. One has to remember that the event has just commenced, so the fever will only rise through the months. Already there is a rise in clients demanding their products marketing to be made to sync with the World Cup. Also, the while the general belief is that the world cup brand is only be marketable to men, is a misconstruction.
- Ritu Sharma, MBA (Advertising)
The brand equity of the World Cup has gone down this year, because of the foibles committed during the Commonwealth games. The public perception of the event is at a low point. There is a general disinterest regarding the matches, which is something that is being mirrored by the falling brand equity of the World Cup. A simple way to ascertain this blasé mood is to see the lack of interest the Indian public is showing towards the event despite India being one of the three host nations.
- Arundhati Chatterjee, BMM (Advertising)
I don’t think the brand equity of the World Cup will be affected by the CWG as cricket easily manage to eclipse all the attention given to other sports. On the other hand, the IPL which holds a strong market value cannot be sidetracked. The IPL fiasco brought to light some of the worst layers of corruption to the fore. The lowered brand ratio and public perception of the IPL may affect the brand value of the World Cup as well.
- Sanchayan Bhattacharjee, BMM (Advertising)



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