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Current Trends in eLearning

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

eLearning trends will provide several pointers that can help to improve your current eLearning strategies

1. Microlearning and Learning paths
Micro learning helps in delivering and teaching learners in a specific and detailed way. The learners are in control of what and how they are learning.  If the organization wants to attract, develop and retain talent in this generation, they have to produce content that falls in tandem with the audience’s choice as far as learning is concerned.

2. Mobile apps for learning
Mobile apps are gradually being seen as the future of learning. To offer learning solutions that appeal to learners and involve them, usage of mobile apps will increase in the coming time. Mobile apps are a type of delivery format designed for offline viewing of learning material for learners on mobile devices. They provide increased flexibility for taking online courses in case the learners do not have an access to the internet.  Mobile apps are a good fit for both formal and informal learning. According to a survey, people spend 30 hours a month on an average basis on mobile apps. They have become a part and parcel of people’s lives because of the ease of looking up information. eSense has introduced a new fun and engaging app which is titled as TOPScorer best eLearning app for students. The app comes up with amazing and interesting features which will help the students of 1st to 10th standard of Maharashtra board, Gujarat board and CBSE to help learning in a better way.

3. Videos and Interactive videos
Video learning will continue to hold its appeal. An interactive video incorporates a wide variety of interactive elements so as to create an interactive appeal to the targeted group.   As a matter of fact, interactive videos aid the marketers in having a comprehensive two-way conversation medium with their audiences, so as to rope in higher degree of engagement in their content experience. TOPclass, an eLearning solution that focuses on simplifying the teaching process and enriching the learning experience in schools. TOPclass have 50,000 minutes of syllabus-based 2D and 3D content which in turn makes learning more communicating and fun.

4. LMS (Learning Management System)
Learning Management system is already growing from corporate avatar to vibrant, learner-centric platforms from cloud. The shift is more onto giving the learner more control as learning is becoming increasingly ‘pull’ based. With structures extending from support of mLearning or mobile learning to adapted learning paths, elasticity of social learning and enhanced learner analytics, they will be vital tools so as to engage learners and assess their performance. They will highly feature curation with contributions from learners to keep the resources contextual and relevant to the community.

5. Collaborative and Social Learning.
Nowadays, social learning is more than a buzz and is increasingly used by forward thinking organizations to adoptive collaborative learning and more knowingly its application on the job. While there will be a constant need for formal training that meets specific learning outcomes, there would be an increase in platforms for familiar or social learning where learners can network, share, collaborate, and exchange ideas on problem-solving.
About eSense
eSense is a fast growing digital education company that is focused on providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India. eSense is precisely an attempt to contribute in the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways. At eSense, they engineer solutions that enrich teaching and learning experience. The emphasis here is to go beyond the chalk & talk method and stimulate the learning environment. Their focus is to integrate technology with learning.

eSense not only adopt new technology, but also modify them to meet the needs of teachers and students. eSense believes that leadership in any field is essential. In order to be an effective educational leader one must foster a conception of excellence within the classrooms. This is where they hand out. Time has proved that Navneet is the part of Educational Revolution and now as a sister concern of Navneet, it is their part to play. eSense provides a number of Solutions so as to boil down the complex issues of education and provide a concise statement of what needs to be done.

With the future of the country in the hands of educationalist, eSense has taken on the responsibility of cultivating the future leaders by equipping the children with syllabus based 2D and 3D multimedia animations.

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