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Opting for goal-based education helps fuel an early start to your career

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

By Mr. Mahesh Tejwani, President of Vivekanand Education Society’s, Mumbai.

Goal-based education or planning for one’s future career is fast becoming an imperative and the order of the day.  In the past, careers of most of the youths were determined by the career of his or her parents.   A lawyer’s son or daughter used to aspire to be lawyer. So is the case with the offspring of a doctor or a civil servant or a bank official or a businessmen or a carpenter for that matter.  There were two factors behind this conventional line of education or imbibing the skill sets.

The first one is the social milieu in which one grows up.   Children often model their future after their parents.  There was nothing wrong about it.  It is behavioural pattern passed over from generation to generation.  The second one is the patronage of parents the children enjoy when they work in the same line of profession of their father or mother. They have the assured security about their future career growth since they work in the same firm his or her parents work.  They are literally fearless about their future since they grow working under their parents’ watchful and often patronising eyes or there were the peers of their parents to bail them out when they face a challenge or a crisis at the workplace.

But this scenario is fast changing in the new age of education and career growth where one’s future is no longer assured or insured due to a host of disruptive factors and the multiplicity of players as well as rapid change in the job market.  This has become especially true when one is facing a fast changing world and an uncertain future thanks to the tearing pace of growth in technology.

“You teach me fishing, I will make a living out of it” paradigm, therefore, no longer holds good.  This is because though you may be a master fisher man, the technology of fishing has undergone a sea change and you may have to return with an empty boat to the shore as the sea once sustained your ancestors’ livelihood was depleted of resources in the first place and what was left in the blue water was gobbled up by the White Whales powered by technology.   In short, in this age of machine learning, robotics and internet one has to reset the goals keeping in view what is trending in the job market and how the next wave of changes will make the current learning redundant going forward.

Therefore, setting your career goals keeping in view what is in store for the future is the key to your future success. Here comes the relevance of charting one’s career map well in advance by dropping the habit of always running to parents for guidance, support and patronage.  The equally important factor is `multi-tasking’.  One has to be skilled in not a single line of profession but should keep pace with what is happening around and learn or imbibe new skills and knowledge sets that may completely different from your original vocation.  In simple words, the future belongs to whom who is adept in multiple knowledge and skill sets, break way from the path -dependency and be independent.  If you can follow these lessons in letter and spirit, and you are aware and conscious of your choices and decisions throughout this process the chances of your success in your workplace and career increases manifold. The work that you do will continue till you retire if you can navigate your career deftly keeping these lessons in mind.

For doing so, you need to follow the following three essential rules that perhaps your textbooks will not teach you. The first one is: Define your career early for progressive achievement in the vocation of your choice without compromising your likes such as reading and other hobbies such as sports, community services etc.

The second tenet is career planning; this is an intentional process of conceptualizing, exploring and finding a satisfying career.  The third one is perpetual learning. This helps you to discover your innate talent, exploring your options, getting focused and taking decisions independently and make you open for change.

If you can follow these principles of learning, you can live happily ever after.

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