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What has Human Resource management focused itself on in the industry?

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Dr. Monika Sethi Professor & Head Commerce, Management & Research, ITM University

The organizations today are facing implausible number of pressure. The pressure is from the environment as well as from the organization. Few among the organizational pressure are increase in globalization, changing nature of technology, increasing competition, and different organizational changes such as organizational alliances, new structures and hierarchies, new ways of assigning work, and a very high rate of change; changes in the workforce, including employees' priorities, capabilities, and demographic characteristics. The human resource plays a major role in the organization in through this transition phase. The human resource department has a critical role in the organizations through its real and perceived values.

The responsibility of human resource department in an organization has been changing from time to time. The function of the human resource management is to closely work in attaining the objectives of the organization along with the personal objectives of individuals. Therefore Human resource management department focuses on various areas such as Recruiting, staffing, training, compensation, organizational development, labor and employee relations etc. Among all the functions mentioned above recruitment has secured the major function of Human resource department. The trends in recruitment have been changing and innovating since the last decade. The new trends which the companies are adopting today are video recruitment, telephonic interviews and campus placements.

The process comes in the eyes of the job seekers once the advertisement for the job is been finalized and approved by the organization but a tremendous amount of work has been done to bring that advertisement by the human resource department.  The huge process starts from job analysis, sourcing to screening and selection. All has different paths that should be highlighted being a mandatory process for job seekers. Having a process is important not only for efficiency, but for consistency as well. Recruitment is an important function and is done with a strategic planning. Before companies recruit, they must implement proper staffing plans and forecasting to determine how many people they will need. Before this step the human resource department performs the job analysis.

Job analysis deals with the anatomy of the job. This is the complete study of the job embodying every known and determinable factor, including the duties and responsibilities involved in its performance; the conditions under which performance is carried on; the nature of the task; the qualifications required in the worker; and the conditions of employment such as pay, hours, opportunities and privileges. Now a days the job seekers need to know all the were about of the job well in advance and job analysis helps human resource department in answering all the questions to the job seekers in a better way.

The work of the Human resource management is now not only restricted to the recruitment of the right talent at the right place in the right time, but now the department is also responsible for the output produced by these employees for the organization. Every part of the organization is now been treated as a separate business unit and has to produce the return on investment for their survival. This approach of the organizations has made human resource department as business partners whose responsibilities now lie beyond the requirement process. Not only this, the human resources of the organization are also treated as a individual business unit and require to earn for the organization in order to earn for their own pockets.

With the changing demands in the industry the functions human recourse department also has changed. The focus of the work of the department has seen a drastic shift from the tradition work. It has to function as business partners of the organizations and help them achieving their goals.

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