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What to look for while selecting a pre-school

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A pre-school is in all likelihood a child’s first step outside of the home and thus it brings with it a lot of anxiousness for both the parents and the child. Sending the child out of the home for the first time, could be a very unnerving moment. The bond between mother and child which is the strongest at this stage is put through the test of separation anxiety, which undoubtedly creates a lot of fear in the mind of moms as they prepare themselves to leave the child in the care of another, the very first time.

At this critical juncture, parents especially moms have a mindset to scrutinise every preschool, before they zero down to one that is the right fit for their child. A pre-school that offers a safe and secure environment, for most parents makes it to top of their priority list. Infact, in an extensive consumer research conducted by a leading international research agency on our behalf to understand parents’ sentiments, needs and expectation also indicated the same pattern. A pre-school environment that gives a sense of comfort to mothers differentiates it from another preschool as the clear choice. Multiple factors put together make a premise safe environment for the child - The inclusion CCTV cameras, all female staff with verified employment records, a child friendly ambience and furniture plus a hygienic environment become critical elements in the decision making process.

The proximity to the school, also falls at par or slightly lower to the safety aspect in the parent consideration list. Parents are particularly careful in choosing a pre-school, which is conveniently located and closer to home since it gives them the sense of child being within their nearest vicinity and also ease of commuting with minimum travel time.

Though many parents are comfortable sending their child to the nearest pre-school or the most popular pre-school in the vicinity but a crucial aspect remains the curriculum and its delivery that needs to be innovative and offer fun learning, it needs to keep the child’s pace of learning in mind while developing their interest towards learning new things.

This is a critical period in the child’s life and effective early childhood education is an essential need for the overall development of the child. Thus the emphasis on building an innovative and contemporary curriculum model becomes important.

Another criteria in the decision making process is the faculty and the support staff which should not only be well trained but also be capable enough to make the child feel comfortable, secure and eventually help them open up to their surroundings and to the other kids. This is very crucial element in any preschool as the people the children are exposed to and interact with will have an impact on the formative development of the child. It is also important to ascertain if the preschool has in place a Child Fitness and Health program which monitors and builds the wellness of the child whilst at the preschool.

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