Today’s superwomen are adept at multitasking

Monday, March 30, 2015
By Aroosa Ahmed and Santia Dudi

There are no more women in the 21st century, in fact there are superwomen around us. Our superwomen juggle too many responsibilities at the same time. Today they are not just homemakers or doing a 9 to 5 job. Not only are today's superwomen looking after their houses and families but also setting benchmarks in their respective jobs and careers.  As reported by BBC on October 24, 2013 women are better at multitasking. The report said, “It is not a myth - women really are better than men at multitasking, at least in certain cases, a study says. Men were slower and less organised than women when switching rapidly between tasks in tests by UK psychologists.”

But this superwomen role is taking a toll on the health issues of the women.

Dr Ashwini Jogade, medical superintendent at Wadia hospital told ADC, “Last few years have witnessed many changes in the role of women in our society. And especially talking about the women of Mumbai, who are highly career-oriented, ambitious, independent and confident. We are amazing at multitasking and  juggling numerous responsibilities. Women have to prove themselves always, be it at work or home, we are judged constantly and have to prove ourselves. But in the race and pressure of proving ourselves we simply avoid the most important fact of our lives, our health. With the change in the trend of the role and responsibilities of women, the stress both mental and physical is increasing. For example, every second women suffers from calcium deficiency and over-exertion which leads to calf muscle cramps, lower backache, anemia and hair fall. And women simply ignore these issues and continue with their hectic schedules. Despite all these issues women stand strong and their performances at work and at home as well, improve. Today's women has to overcome this trend of ignoring their health issues. Thanks to the increase in the education of females, women are coming out and addressing their issues. Breast cancer and infertility is no more a stigma. Today our women don't depend on their husbands and families to take them to doctors.”

Focusing on this ignorance, Dr Jogade further said, “It's not that women deliberately ignore their health, it's all about them giving importance to their health issues. I request all women to give half of their time and money which they spend in parlours, beauty products and other accessories, to their health. A routine check-up is a must but unfortunately a very small number of women go for routine check-up. I request all the women to go for a routine check up, so that the ailments can be discovered on time and the treatment can start.”

Addressing another important issue of crash diet and weight loss, she said, “The entire fuss about loosing weight and crash diet is extremely dangerous. Women have to understand that irrespective of  all the protein and vitamin supplements they take, nothing can substitute a proper meal.”

Mental health of women
Dr Shamsah B. Sonawalla (M.D.) is an Associate Director, Psychiatry Research and Consultant Psychiatrist at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.  

“Today's women want to become superwomen. The traditional roles of women haven't changed a lot, but on the contrary they have been burdened with new responsibilities. Also  depression in women can easily be missed especially in the lower sections of the society. So a lot has to be done in this direction. Also women are driven by guilt, so taking time off for their health and that too their mental health is not easy. But fortunately this is changing. Women are now taking their mental health seriously and coming out in huge numbers to seek psychiatric help. This is a positive change. Though a lot has to be done but it's great to witness this change.”

Health tips for women

  •     Do not ignore even the slightest symptom of any ailment.
  •     Irrespective of your busy schedule have proper meals which includes required vitamins, proteins, iron, fiber and other nutrition.
  •     Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Yoga and meditation do wonders to your mental and physical health.
  •     Do go for a routine check up every six months.
  •     Avoid over-exerting yourselves.
  •     Take out time for yourselves and do things which make you happy.
  •     Crash diet is a strict No No.
  •     Go out in nature and spend time at parks, beaches or open spaces.
  •    Make sure you get adequate sleep.
  •     Go for morning walks.

Message from fitness guru Mickey Mehta

‘Let wellness be religion number one’

“Women should give equal importance to their health. They should heal themselves in thought, word, attitude and behavior which should be the the epitome of love, these are big healing factors. Exercise every morning, be it at home if not out. Balance your work sensibly. Don't do anything dramatic or drastic in terms of exercise. Don't keep time frames for weight loss or weight gain. Life is like a process and a process takes time. Respect the frame of nature. Pray a lot, meditate a lot. Do natural exercise. Try and spend as much time as possible out in nature. Go to parks, beaches, water fronts etc. Go for early morning walks. In Mumbai there are 15 big open spaces from Borivli to Cuffe Parade and almost 35 small spaces. We conducted a survey and found out that every neighborhood has a garden 2-3 kms away. Ladies, find your space, mingle with nature, lead by example, become an example and a leader for others. Heal yourselves.

Sleep to heal

Sleep every night with a wish to heal yourselves and wake up every morning with a promise to heal yourselves.  And remember wellness is not about weight loss, it never was and never will be about weight loss. Weight loss will happen if it has to happen. But if the intention is weight loss, you will loose a lot with weight. Stay happy, stay fit, stay healthy. Let wellness be religion number one.”

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