Mumbaikars show cross-border heroism by reaching out to help ailing Pak girl

Monday, August 24, 2015
By Vrushali Purandare

Mumbaikars displayed their big hearts, by willingly shelling out money to treat Pakistani teenager Saba Ahmed. She is coming from Karachi, Pakistan by flight to Mumbai today for treatment of a rare genetic condition called Wilson's Disease Media also played an important role by successfully running an online crowd funding campaign  known as  'Save Saba' that brought in approximately Rs 10 Lakh  amount which was vitally needed for Saba's treatment.

This amount will go a long way in providing the much needed financial  medical aid for Saba.  Liver specialist Dr Aabha Nagral noted, “Saba will be brought tomorrow (Monday)  to Jaslok Hospital, she was earlier with us for treatment in the month of April and left in  May. We are trying to put her on  new drugs, her treatment would include physio therapy as well as  speech  therapy, we are working on what kind of food is neededfor her. For me she is like other patients and I  am happy for Sabha, she should be fine and walk out  with happiness, this is excellent example of humanit . All patients are same for me, we doctors don’t differentiate by any caste, creed or religion while treating patients.”

Jatin Desai, of Pakistan India peoples forum for peace and democracy  said, “It's really very good  and unique example to portray  love between two countries,  this shows the true sentiments  of  India  and Pakistan peoples who are really loving and caring towards each other , this is a good example for both countries politicians to learn from.”.

Fazil Zamili, President of the  Karachi Press Club and Editor Jang Group of Newspapers Web Edition, said, “This is a very good example of  caring and sharing each other's pain and passion. We would like to  continue  to share like this ,which would result in a  better and safer place to live as neighbours” This was another sterling example of a cross border patient who captured Indian hearts. Baby girl Noor Fatima, who came here from Lahore, Pakistan for treatment open-heart surgery treatment in 2003, managed to unite the two neighbours to such an extent that young kids gathered outside the hospital and prayed for her speedy recovery.

About 'Hepatolenticular Degeneration'
Excess of copper in the liver cells (the hepatocytes) is harmful and leads to liver damage. Damage to brain tissue mainly occurs in an area called the lenticular nucleus. Hence, Wilson's disease is sometimes also called hepatolenticular degeneration.

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