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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A healthy diet is one that is made to suit your personal health requirements. Dev Goswami tells you about myDIETist, an application that promises to do just that

Health and fitness services have been slow to catch up with the smartphone and application bandwagon, and understandably so. Your health isn’t something that you want to leave in the hands of an algorithm. But, as technology becomes smarter, applications that aim to help you improve and maintain your health are slowly making their mark.

The latest one in this space is myDIETist, which aims to provide you with a handy, personalised diet assistant. Developed by a husband-wife duo, Rishit and Prachi Sanghvi, the application uses a proprietary algorithm that, “provides the best diet based on your gender, body statistics, preferences and aspirations,” as Prachi tells us. The idea stems from a personal experience Rishit had, where he managed to shed around 30 kilos in 10 months, after following a diet plan that was set by Prachi, who is a professional nutritionist. “The importance of a diet that accounts for your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and medical history, is at the core of this application”, they explain.

My DIETist works on a simple premise: you set a goal (weight gain, loss, marathon training, general fitness training), set your preferences (vegetarian, non-vegetarian or Jain), and the application will design a customised diet plan that will help you work towards your goal. It also takes your BMI and BMR rates into account, and provides set diet models that concentrate on one aspect (such as vitamin intake, or ensuring protein intake among vegetarians, for example), while ensuring a well-balanced diet.   

The application is free to download and offers a number of features for free. However, if you choose to go the premium route, you can pick from different packages that allow you one-on-one consultations with their team of nutritionists and experts. The application is available  on iOS and Android.

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