Serving Choicest Food From All 29 States Of India

Wednesday, March 02, 2016
By Aroosa Ahmed

With a unique concept and passion for food, Nikesh Jain an engineer by profession commenced the 29 eatery two and a half months back. The place offers food variety from all 29 states of India and sources all the ingredients required for the dish from the specific state.

A lot of thought process appears to have gone in creating the innovative interiors and exteriors of the place. Paint tins which were used for painting the interiors of the restaurant have been converted into a map of India which is visible right when you enter the eatery.

The ADC interacted with owner Nikesh Jain behind his different concept for the restaurant. “The idea of 29 was to take the diners beyond Paneer Tikka, Butter Masala and Black Daal. I happened to have Litti Chokha at Patna airport and kept wondering how it would be to have an eatery with Bihari healthy food in South Mumbai. I visited 21 states in three months and visited the beautiful seven sisters of our country. I went to smaller places and interiors in order to find the authentic food and cuisine. That is how I hit upon the idea of opening a place serving food from the interiors of the country. My main motive is to educate people and that is why every week we have 40 school children come in with their geography teacher who teaches them about different states and we serve the famous cuisine of that state. However the menu will change every six months in order to try out  different recipes from different parts of the country and also to make people aware about the amazing food India has to offer.”

(From left to right) Prakash Dhanmeher, Executive Chef, Nikesh Jain, Owner, Sarique Rojan Bux, Sous Chef

Having little idea of what to have from each state, we left the choice of selection to chef Prakash Nana Dhanmeher who is working as a chef for the last 33 years. We commenced our meal with Shikanji Sharbat as our welcome drink. It was a twist to the classic lemon juice, a much needed drink to beat the summer heat of Mumbai! We then had the soup of the day, Tomato Shorba which was a tangy delicious twist to the Shorbas which are available everywhere. Four state platter was the next item we tried which did not just taste delicious but was pleasing to see.

For our mains we started with the four platter consisted of the spicy Delhi Chaat, crispy Paneer, Kala Hara Chaat and the Pyaaz ki Kachori the one which I was most excited to try. The Pyaaz ki Kachori was amazing and totally authentic. We generally don't find the authentic Rajashtani Pyaaz ki kachori in Mumbai.

Kanpuri Tikka Pulav

We then had Bhuna Kofta Curry with Kerala Parotha which had a rich gravy with the veg Kofta being amazing. We also had the Kanpuri Tikka Pulav which consisted of red and yellow option of tender Tandoori Paneer with rice consisting of cashew.

The Kanpuri Tikka Pulav is generally made with  chicken and enjoyed as a non veg item but once you have it here you would enjoy the veg version for sure. For our desserts we had two delicious desserts with one of them which even a diabetic patient can enjoy. The Kesar Malai ke Laddoo which even a diabetic patient can have and Mawa Jalebi with Kesar Rabdi. The Jalebi was crisp and the Rabdi made of Jaggery tasted divine with the Jalebis. The Kesar Malai ke Laddoo is perfect if you are looking for a light delicious desert.

I would suggest you to go and have your favourites from each state as the place will change its menu on 24/04/2016!.

Tomato Shorba

Our Favourites
Shikanji Sharbat
Four state platter
Kesar Malai ke Laddoo

Where to go?
Ground Floor, Mohammedbhay Mansion, near Cumballa Hill Hospital, N.S Patkar Marg, Kemps Corner.

Damage on the pocket?
Rs 900 for two.

Kesar Malai ke Laddoo

Shikanji Sharbat

Four state platter

Mawa Jalebi with Kesar Rabdi

Bhuna Kofta Curry

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